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escape society
Escaping Society is almost impossible.

I am 19 years old and my eyes opened a few days ago. Growing up i was always against the routine of everyday life. Going to college which will soon be unaffordable, getting a degree, and finding a safe and secure job. Next will be getting a mortgage on a house, leasing a car which most people do and working for the rest of my live paying off debts. The government has so much control. For anyone to attempt to change how the this country is being controlled today is impossible. For decades, the government has been in control. We have all have been accustomed to this living and it is somewhat “normal” in this society. Society is all about money, money, and money which is the government’s fault. Society is blind. Depression is amongst us soon with inflated prices of merchandises. How can one live and be happy in this world? There will always be control.


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