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Have the most awesomest Fresh FM Transmission Party, ever (read all 2 entries…)
It's Over: My Hangover Isn't

F-F-Fresh Transmission!

The time: 11pm. The place: Heaven Nightclub, Adelaide. The atmosphere: heady excitement.

Fresh has been promoting our power up transmission party for about 3 months, and this is the night of nights. We flick the switch, the lights come up, and the rest of Adelaide can hear us.

Dan blazes past the line, I tell him I’ll see him inside and walk towards the end of the line. I didn’t expect it to be this massive. The line stretched from the doors of heaven, along the front, around the side, and soon after I joined it, into the rear carpark. DJ Gex is doing a live cross to the studio, we freshies are nervously eyeing each other wondering just what we’ve managed to attract to the party.

I finally get in the doors, and start the drinking. There’s one guy on the dance floor, having the time of his life, when suddenly some of the biggest house tunes start cranking. There’s almost a literal stampede of people determined to dance it up, fighting, clawing and having it out tooth and nail to waggle their groove thangs best.

DJ Brendan warms it up, the party is shaking and suddenly no one can move. People are forced more and more onto the dancefloor, because that’s the only place left with any elbow room. That doesn’t last long either. I find myself dragging Dan out, he’s found Sarah (oooeer) and we’re out there having a ball. You cannot dance without running into other people.
It’s a mashup of beats and bodies, and I’m in the middle. Awesome.

The Fresh Faces crew come by, and find me, Kiaya has rocked up and we’re all shakin’ it. There’s photos somewhere. I better darned well look pretty.

Kid Kenobi has missed his flight, the freshie network informs me, but no one cares. They aren’t here for the stars, they’re here to rock on with Fresh. I see freshies old and new, and even Aza (who left Fresh for the rival Nova) has made an appearance. This is nuts, this is excitement, this is bigger than any winter enchanted because you simply cannot move.
DJs come and DJs go, the party takes on a harder edge. No Kenobi, but who needs him as Fresh’s own MPK rolls on up to the decks and brings us some of the best DnB ever. I can’t dance to it anymore, it’s too fast, it’s too furious, it’s too fun.
Kiaya and I stagger off to the back room, and before we know it we’re back out and dancing.

At some point we’ve noticed Banshee is tearing it up with the raver crews in a tiny backroom. This is the hardest of hardcore, and I’m hopelessly lured. I can’t keep the beat with my feet but it doesn’t matter, the room is pumping.
Glowsticks aflutter and giant pants abounding, Banshee is staying true to form.

I migrate back towards the main room, MPK is warming it up, and its nearly 2am. Officially we flick the switch and let fly with our new transmitter at 2am. The music quiets a bit, someone’s on the mic, there’s an expectant hush. We count it down, 10 seconds till transmission, the lights are down. 3-2-1 BAM! The fireworks go off, the room shakes, we’re live and loving it all over Adelaide.

Dancing ensues.

I spent the next while chilling out and trying not to feel horribly hungover with Kiaya. 5am has crawled around and I want to book, but I’m drawn back to the main room: DJ JoSH vs Cheeky B. Upbeat candy trance is the best way I can describe it, a musical mashup of epic proportions. The room was too tired to move, but when Cheeky B dropped Cruisn we all just waved our tired little arms in the air to the trancy beats.

I crawled into bed at 6:30am, and could have stayed later if I wasn’t starting a new job @ 9 tommorrow :)

Best party in a long time…

meet new people

I just officially moved house and my roommates rock.

This is a whole new life, friends, job, debt, everything!

find a new job (read all 2 entries…)

I got through a hell of a lot of applicants, made it to the final 5, made the interview, blew the interview, was passed over, got a call this morning at 9am while hungover like a homeless man, GOT HIRED

3 month contract, woo!

This is my new company.

learn to drive (read all 7 entries…)
They keep yelling

“Look to the right!”
“But, I did!”
“I didn’t see your head move”
“I have neck pain. I looked, I LOOKED I TELLS YOU
insert near fatal accident
“Maybe I should look more.”

Have the most awesomest Fresh FM Transmission Party, ever (read all 2 entries…)
The shameless plugging...

We Freshies suffered from a horrible transmitter mishap. There were sparks, there were tears, and then there was silence.

We’ve been raising money to buy our new transmitter, and this is the thank you party for Adelaide:

Thought we’d never tell you the line up? Well, you were wrong!
Fresh’s Final Power Up Party
MAY 15th
(Sunday of Adelaide Cup Day Long Weekend)

Come power up with DJ Kid Kenobi & MC Sureshock, Systembot, Audio Beverage and The Mobin Master Project + plenty more!

Tell your friends, your neighbours, your dogs, cats, rats & donkeys! If you’ve already got a Fresh Watt you get in free! It’s going to be a wild night of Fresh Fun.

Fresh Watts are available for $20 on the night, so don’t worry if you don’t yet have one!
Website & via

So, don’t be slack, come visit the Freshies this May the 15th and help us have the most awesomest Fresh FM Transmission Party, ever!

find a girlfriend (read all 5 entries…)
The State of the Dating

Of: Rachie, Brenny, Kiaya, & Chrissie, only two have succeeding in coming out to visit me. Thursday, Chrissie balked at the last moment when having to decide between 7:10pm and 9:20pm for a movie.
That was the only choice she had to make, and she decided it was too hard.

Too hard. Go shopping in town then, don’t stick around after and take me to see hitchhikers.

I had had Friday reserved at the very start of the week, only to be dropped like a hot potato at the last moment.

Anyway, I digress: my neighbour got in contact with me while I was just finishing work. He promptly invited himself over. Rather than tell him, I think I want to stab you in the face with a dull rusty spoon, I tried hinting that I wouldn’t get home from work till 8pm.

He thought about this for half a second and said “cool, see you then.”

Ack. Can’t stand him. Quick, quick, don’t panic… uh… what would I have been doing before.

“Its only for 20 minutes if I go home at all, I’ve got a date with a girl and a movie.”
“Oh… I’ll just go visit your roommate then”

So, I was in a predicament. Go home and tell him I’d been cancelled on and use that as an excuse to have nothing to do with him, or make the lie a truth in retrospect…

Frantic dialling ensued, and Rachie was just headed across town to see parents. Off to Hitchhikers we went, I made her drink a little bit to relax her for the whole experience.

She loved it, I didn’t so much.

Anyway, conversation lagged, and I felt oddly down and quiet for the day, which was strange. I stuck around long enough to make sure she was fine getting home and trudged to the other end of Rundle Mall to my bike.

Some asshat had knocked off the red flashy light, and my bike was the only one left. When I’d arrived in the city, I felt safe nestled amongst the 15 other bikes, in the busiest street in town, under some really obvious cameras.

Apparently, you can just steal pieces of other peoples bikes and no one cares.

Grr rrarg.

buy an electric bike (read all 2 entries…)
Bike Bike Bike.

Froogle Wishlisted.

Stop The Oil Peak (read all 17 entries…)
Saving resources with collaboration

This is nifty approach, which goes back to the old fashioned computer design of terminals / server.

Spend less time fooling around on the net and more time actually working
Still have a job!

And I’m not slacking off. Go. Me.

learn to drive (read all 7 entries…)
Another Day, Another Lesson

Fear, Fear, Fear, Panic, Panic, hey that wasn’t so bad, Panic Panic, Abject Terror, switch engine on.

Things are progressing alright, I spent the better half of the lesson half asleep behind the wheel (oh, that’s bad) and the second half being fucking brilliant.

Except… for the kurbs. shivvers

Yay for me! Who wants to lend me their car?

witness the end of IE
Insert Blase Here

I just don’t care anymore about software monoculture. It’s the in thing so I just can’t be a part of it, you see.

buy an electric bike (read all 2 entries…)
I want to convert...

... from ordinary bike to electric bike. That way, if I move house, the 10km each way commute doesn’t suck so much. And, later, when my commute gets worse… 20 km /up hill/... well, I won’t die.

Become a better programmer

Done and Done! I’ve been building a lot of PHP applications of late, I’ve been refactoring everything and it all flows.

The blog has everything of late.

Quite frankly, I rock.

make taxation authorities hire usability experts (read all 5 entries…)
All government forms should be zen like...

... and simple.

How many times have I been perplexed by the language used in a form? What exactly is it asking me for? I don’t understand!

My ex-girlfriend worked for the Australian Tax Office, chasing down people. She was perplexed at how I, a software developer, could be frightened of a tax form. When I told her I didn’t understand it, she called me stupid.

I’m looking at the worksheet that is meant to make filling out the forms easier for a friend of mine at the moment.

G1 – Total Sales (inc GST)
G2 – Export Sales
G3 – Other GST Free Sales
G4 – Input Taxed Sales
G5 – G2 + G3 + G4

G6 – Total sales subject to GST
G7 – Adjustments (if applicable)

G8 – Total sales subject to GST after adjustments (G6 + G7)
G9 – GST on sales


It goes on. There is a handbook published and sent out to you. A user manual for a single form? What? I don’t read manuals.

You read the manual. It’s ambigious.

This stops business from being easy. I don’t want to have to have someone dedicated to filling out webforms for me – one button to fill out details is what I want.

Make governments getting data as easy as one, two, three: I shouldn’t have to think about these things!

Stop The Oil Peak (read all 17 entries…)
A small piece of the puzzle

Not a total solution, but one small component. I like the possibilities for this in water refinement.

overcome my shyness more often (read all 2 entries…)
I mostly did this

Lets just say it was worth it! Cuddles rock!

Take more pictures
See for yourselves

My Flickr.

Explore how 43 things can be a social change tool
43 Car Poolers

Car pool – old idea, new approach.

Car pooling sites suck. The reason I don’t car pool with them is because they all want money, they all want to make money, and they all want to be about business.

Car pooling is about people. 43things has the foundations for car pooling.

All that’s needed in addition is probably some kind of trust and reputation metric (Flickr testimonials, anyone?) and some cool hacks with Google Maps!

Stop The Oil Peak (read all 17 entries…)
I'm scared of the Oil Peak.

First, my mum talked about this.

Next, someone on IRC brought it up. I shut the hell up and read about it.

Now I’m legitimately frightened of the economic ramifications of this all.

Never one to not love a new problem: how can we create a bicycle powered economy?

find a girlfriend (read all 5 entries…)

Alright, so I’m not good at the club thing and the random people, but those people are generally stupid anyway – through the wonderfulness of the internet, I’ve sweet talked myself into two or three dates over the next week.

With seperate women.


The one I’m most pining for at the moment is a new comer, Kiaya (not her real name, just her favourite). She just left my house. It’s 8:30am on a Sunday.
We snuggled and such, it was a fun night, but she was drunk (and turning hungover) and I was shy, so nothing more than a really close first date was there.
The one great(est) thing I’ll say: It’s utterly wonderful to hold someone again.

Next, we’ve got Brenny. I like Brenny, but Brenny scares me too. We’ve… sort of moved in the same circles, and she’s taking me to dinner: I feel so classy.

There’s also Chrissie. I keepnudgingblatantlythatsheshouldsayyes, thursday is a good day to see the movie you’ve suggested, Dan, or not that day, what about X on Y?.
Alas, Chrissie, who will probably read this, is not yet whisking me away. She’s shy too.

Rachie and I have an unspecified playdate to draw business plans on butchers paper with crayons.

Claire, sigh, nothing is happening on the Claire front. She was lonely one night, and we got on famously enough for her to invite me over. Sadly, she forgot about it, and I had other places to be, so I shot her down.
Now I can’t engage her in conversation again! I end up blathering on and saying something disturbing: for instance, I made threats against her new peahen and the eating there of.
I’m a mean boy :(

If I’ve missed you, I’m sorry. I’m sleepy. Pester me and tell me you feel UNLOVED.

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