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learn to drive (read all 3 entries…)
Done :)

This one proved to be harder than I expected but I passed my driving test on my first attempt almost a year ago, despite many obstacles. I saved up all summer and bought a better car, the freedom of driving is great.

be healthier

I always say this but never stick to it. I don’t want to lose lots of weight, I want to become healthier in general and lose weight in the process.
Monday is now gym day and I plan on exercising regularly, there’s a swimming pool not far from here which I might start using again.
I’d like to eat healthier as well but I can’t cook to save my life, maybe I should make that a new years resolution…we’ll see :)

learn to drive (read all 3 entries…)

My car passed it’s MOT :) all I need to do now is insure it and wait for all of this snow to go away so I can learn :)

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