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find out if my boss has magical powers because she's a witch and rides a broom
No Magical Powers

I have discovered she does not have Magical powers. To put it nicely without using foul language I would say she is a very mean, self centered and unhappy person so has made it her life mission to cause pain to everyone she meets. LOL

Buy my first home (read all 3 entries…)

Good Lord this took too long but now I finally have 4 walls to myself and cannot hear the neighbor next door go pee in the middle of the night. This alone is worth paying twice as much as I used to for rent. HAHAHAH

have a "man room"
Did it

I just bought a house over the summer and it has a basement that is now called the “Man Cave” I am turning it into a home theater, music studio and bar. It will have a nacho bar, popcorn machine and a margaritaville machine. I am aslo considering a humidor to store a few cigars. I have alot of work to do as it is unfinished but hopefully this year I will complete it!

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