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  1. 1. Get my grades up
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  2. 2. Buy an external hard drive
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  3. 3. Get my license
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  4. 4. To live instead of exist
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  5. 5. Save my money
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  6. 6. Stop making excuses
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  7. 7. Read all of tsubasa
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stop making excuses

Im tired of putting things off, missing things and just pissing around. I want to stop not doing things just because I can’t be bothered.

save my money
I get little enough as is.

I work for very little money per week. Its not that I don’t like the work that much I just don’t get very much for it. I keep spending it all on stupid things I don’t even need and as a result, within two days of getting paid I’m broke again.
The way I see it is that I need to save my money or I both won’t ever be able to buy things I really want and I won’t have the money for when I really need it.

Saving seems to be the logical choice really ^^

get my grades up
Needs to be done and fast

Ive had all my report sheets come back being fairly good throughout my schooling life. At the start of this year I had good marks too but the most recent report came in a couple of weeks ago and it was a shocker. Ive really let my schooling slide.

I NEED to pick them back up otherwise Im utterly screwed.


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