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  1. 1. find a job
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  2. 2. Take more pictures
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  3. 3. Sleep more
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  4. 4. dye my hair crazy colours
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  5. 5. buy an iPhone 4
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  6. 6. learn how to liquid
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  7. 7. Buy a Canon Rebel XS
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  8. 8. get my tattoo
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  9. 9. lose weight
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  10. 10. learn to shuffle
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  11. 11. eat less
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  12. 12. work out
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  13. 13. get better grades
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  14. 14. play more guitar
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  15. 15. Read more
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  16. 16. get over my depression
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get over my depression (read all 2 entries…)

Okay so I’ve been on Zoloft for a week now and I feel a tiny bit better but I absolutely cannot eat! My appetite is totally gone, food tastes horrible. I read about others experiences and some people said they lost 20 pounds in the first two weeks alone! I’m 120 pounds usually and 5’6 so that will look horrible. I’m already down to 113. :/ Anyone else lose a lot of weight on Zoloft? I also heard this will level out later on once I get used to it, but it’s going to be hell. At least it’s helping..

get over my depression (read all 2 entries…)
I don't know what to do anymore.

I week ago I was feeling so depressed I went to the hospital because I felt that if I didn’t, I would do something stupid. I’m on medication now, but I feel like it won’t help. I feel like my life is on pause. Everyone around me is moving forward and I’m stuck in one place. I can’t function. I have horrible insomnia which I take medication for, I can’t eat because I have no appetite, my sex drive is so dull, I feel like doing nothing all the time but doing nothing just makes me feel worse. I just want to stop feeling this way, but I don’t think I will for a while because shit is really fucked up. I’m 17 but I’ve been through so much recently I just can’t cope.

stretch my ears to 1/2".

One is at a half inch and the other is at double zero :)

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