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Focus each day on my inner self, being more focused on my health and wellbeing, more caring to my friends
I need to refocus on me

and my health and well being, i seem to have slipped off the path a little this year in a whirl of partying with people who arent going anywhere and im not sure if i even like (when sober). It seemed fun but its really just escaping from the pressure of trying to be a better person and persuing my goals. If i was having so much fun then when did i need to drink so much to escape the boredom i often felt hanging out with these people?

My fitness and focus on nutrition has been varied, my availability to my real friends has been less than it should be…..

But the clouds have cleared, im back ! I feel positive and motivated to refocus on my health, to be positive, proactive, motivated, interested and interesting.

Start Naturopathy Course (Feb 16th yipppeeee)
Im enrolled!!

Ready to go!

I just cant wait to start, been researching lots of info so i am somewhat prepared and working on fixing the few unhealthy areas left so i can practice what i preach

3 years to go


Quit social smoking
Day 1... or 3 ... depending

So social smoking has come to an end. I said new years but i smoked yesterday. This is a tricky one as i dont smoke during the day/ week anyway and really enjoy smoking with a drink BUT it has to be done. Naturopaths dont smoke!

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