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My Action List

My definition of an action list is a list of things you’ve always wanted to do but have never done for whatever reason. I think if you want to be bold, you need to make an action list. You need to think of the things that will make you bold. These are the things that I want to do.

1. Go skydiving-Boo yah!

2. Play varsity tennis at my high school

3. Run a 10k (maybe even more)

4. Make a difference in someone’s life.

It’s short but it’s a start. Time for me to start being bold!

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I love reading

on 1-9-09 I read so much (Well more then I usually read) I read atleast like 200 min I read Diary of a whimpy kid and like three or four chapters of Ranger Apprentice:The Ruins Of Gorlan. It was so cool!

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The Quest of Time

I’m writing a story called the Quest of time. It’s about a kid named Allen Meller that figures out he’s half monster and goes to a camp for training just in case some monsters come to attack them. Since Allen does so good at camp he’s been asked to go on a Quest to stop Slicer the evil monster from ruling the world.

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