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sew a hexagon quilt (read all 31 entries…)
quilt progress, feeling sadly solitary

The borders around my hexie quilt are progressing nicely. I’ve added several rows of the plain light green background, and an accent row of the darker greens I use for “leaves”, as well as a single flower at each corner. Adding these rows of borders is helping give the “story” of the quilt a bit more honor (by way of framing and “matting”) and places where the eye can rest.

It is slow going, though. I hoped to be farther along by now than I am. At this pace I will have the dark green accents finished by the end of the month, but probably not the second round of light green borders around that. This month has been very rough on me. I’ve suffered a bad lower backache most days this month, and of course my usual number of headaches/migraines. I’ve felt very weak. It’s like just getting through the day is like running an obstacle course. Getting anything done like sewing, housework, or errands, seems hugely taxing on top of that.

But still, slowly and steadily, the quilt progresses. It is probably the most beautiful thing I’ve ever made. I am enjoying the process, and rather dread the day I won’t have it to work on any more.

The English Paper Piecing group I tried to start seems to be fizzling. Not sure if it is anything I’ve done badly, or whether it’s just such an unpopular sport that even people interested in it don’t want to bother doing it together. There are five of us in the group, and at our last meeting four of us decided not to show up. That hurt. I don’t know what to do about that. I hoped I could recruit more members by sewing in public such as at the library, but I’ve been too weak lately to make that trip.

We’ll see how it goes.

Talk. Confess. Enlighten the world. Let it go already. (read all 333 entries…)
A lesson learned from meditation practice

Once, I studied meditation. Didn’t follow it much, never got much out of it, except I learned one thing. A technique.

It was this: While meditating, though the goal is to keep your mind clear, thoughts will likely intrude. Rather than grind on the thoughts or berate yourself for having them, just notice they are passing by, and let them keep on passing. Perhaps imagine setting each thought on a leaf, and sending it downstream, or in a bubble to float away on the breeze. Recognize they occur, but do not indulge them much. You can think about them later, when it is their turn, perhaps. Right now, you are fully occupied with holding an empty mind, so these thoughts are welcome to depart.

This is how I’m dealing with my thoughts of dying lately. They are thoughts that pass through my mind frequently. I treat them like cottonwood seeds, floating past on the breeze. My job is simply not to give them a place to sprout. I am impermeable, like a well-paved cement street. They may collect in the gutters like drifts of snow, but eventually they WILL be blown or washed away.

In this way I allow that even when thoughts of death or suicide come at me in a flurry, seeming to fairly choke the air with their multitude, I still remain somewhat untouched. This is a fact: thoughts of death occur, and they seem innocent, fluffy, and attractive as they drift past. It does NOT follow that “I want to die”.

I am not to be blamed for the occurrence of thoughts or impulses. I am only responsible for how I respond to them. Since I know these particular thoughts are antithetical to the life I choose to pursue for myself and my family, I do not take ownership of them. I do not welcome them, water them, or tend them. I watch them drift past. Sometimes singly. Sometimes in a flurry. But they do drift away if I simply let them go.

sew a hexagon quilt (read all 31 entries…)
Hexie Quilt Borders

I got the four corners all sewed and attached.
April is Quilt Show month at Pacific Fabrics, so I had to take down my quilt top, as only completed quilts can be shown. I’m happy, though, because this gives me time to work on it, ready to display again in May.
Now I’m working on putting borders around my basic rectangular shape. I hung the quilt top on my wall and noticed that it really needed some framing to help set it off properly. Having the pattern right out to the edge is not really pleasing to the eye. We honor things we value by giving them frames, and a certain amount of space around them. So that’s what I’m working on now.

I’ve drafted another pattern to include the five more rows of plain green fabric that will surround the “flowerbeds” portion of the quilt. Well, four rows of plain with one accent row of color which includes another flower motif at each corner, for interest. That should be enough “quiet” space to make the quilt look its best.

After this is all done, I don’t know for sure whether I’ll want to add embroidery to the quilt, or actually finish it AS a quilt, or whether I just want to display it as a top. I said before that I didn’t really love the quilt, but it’s growing on me again. I guess part of that is the knowledge that I don’t really want to start from scratch with another quilt, nor do I have a clue what colors or patterns I would use to make another quilt. This may well end up being the only hexagon quilt I ever make. If so, I guess it’s important that I hang on to it.

Next English Paper Piecing class is this Friday. I think I’ll ask the girls if they might like to consider writing a book. That would be a fun project, I think. We could feature all our different original patterns, as well as the wisdom we’ve gleaned from testing various products and techniques.

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