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  1. 1. find my half-sister
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  2. 2. write my own book
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write my own book
Fictional books

i started two completely different book chapters when i had the time and haven´t finished one. i love writing, and if you ever see a book called Tomboy Princess(goofy i know, but i like different things) it´s my book(will complete it when i can)

find my half-sister
Help me find her please.

Hi my name is Crystal, i´m 14 and i´m looking for my older half-sister. i just found out about her so i don´t know much, but her name is Aurelia, she lives in Colorodo, and she is about 16-17. my parents are divorced so i never knew until i asked my mom to ask my dad. she doesn´t know about me and i just found out a few months ago. my dad talked to her a month ago and still hasn´t told her so i don´t know what to do. please help me if you can i would really appreciate it. i just want to find my sister.


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