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stay up all night and watch the sunrise
Till sunrise

WOW, my BFF & I went on a road trip and we arived to our destination @ 2:30am so we decided to stay up and watch the sunrise, it was beyond beautiful… to really enjoy the moment and realize how much we miss when we are asleep…. its crazy , anyway after that we went to the lake (my first time ever) and had a blast…def do it again!!!!!!!!!!!!

learn how to drive stick-shift
Driving 101

Driving stick is very beneficial, and really fun…just be safe, that first gear is tricky! =-)

finish my book "the Zahir" (read all 2 entries…)

So i finfished my book last night… so proud of myself. i’m getting back to my routine, the one i enjoy. And i am realizing i don’t have to share it with any one to feel accomplished. I did it all by my lonesome… lol … its always very self rewarding when you accomplish a goal…. def worth doing….

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