is thinking that life feels so much sweeter when you have dreams!

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  1. 1. Get over a guy
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  2. 2. move out
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  3. 3. leave church
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  4. 4. become a 911 dispatcher
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  5. 5. get a car
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  6. 6. learn to drive, again
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  7. 7. Find a cure for aids
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  8. 8. have friends
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have friends
hugs all around

Everyone says Im a nice person and friendly and all that stuff. But no one wants to be my friend and if they do they just either use me or don’t care about me. Im lonley most of the time and people forget about me I havent gotten a hug or even I love you in months from anybody and everytime I try to reach out I just get an Oh hey how are you and never here from them again. Even my best friend of 5 years has stop talking to me for about two months now. Dont know why though. I need consistency and people in my life that really care and that really love me. Hugs to all those who feel like I do.

Get over a guy (read all 2 entries…)
A little sad

Thinking about him a little. A little upset but I know I can get over and get through.

Find a cure for aids

I know a few people including family members that are battling the HIV/AIDS Disease and its heartbreaking to know that there is no cure for it. I would personally like to discover the cure or at least in my lifetime know that there is a cure. The only vaccine to prevent it right now is just taking precautionary measures in your everyday life.

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