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  1. 1. be more assertive
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  2. 2. manage my time more efficiently
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  3. 3. fake it 'til i make it
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  4. 4. declutter my life
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  5. 5. list three things every day that made me happy
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  6. 6. improve my public speaking and presentation skills
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  7. 7. finish my professional exams
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  8. 8. stop being a perfectionist
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  9. 9. be more open-minded to try new things
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  10. 10. learn mandarin chinese
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  11. 11. read at least one book per month
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  12. 12. be a better swimmer
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  13. 13. “Have a kick ass body that stops traffic without jumping in front of it”
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  14. 14. Just wanted to say...
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  15. 15. cook more often and eat out less
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  16. 16. buy my first house or condo
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  17. 17. hike a new trail
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  18. 18. run a 10K
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  19. 19. learn how to use my dSLR
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  20. 20. have a daguerreotype taken of myself
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  21. 21. Join a field naturalists' club
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  22. 22. Participate in this year's Great Backyard Bird Count
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  23. 23. Identify the 43 albums I couldn't do without
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  24. 24. earn a masters degree
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  25. 25. learn to ride a bike
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How to identify and photograph 43 birds
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list three things every day that made me happy (read all 785 entries…)
Thursday 12/19, Friday 12/20 & Saturday 12/21

Saturday, December 21

1) I went for a hike this morning at Santa Anita Canyon (see the collage of photos I took) where I went specifically to find the Pacific wren that other birders had recently seen there. I had a surprisingly easy time finding it in the precise spot where it had been reported. I had seen my first Pacific wren just a few weeks earlier while on vacation in Vancouver, and now I was able to get it on my home turf. Pacific wren was species #324 on the list of birds I have seen in Los Angeles County in 2013…

2) Later in the morning I went to the Los Angeles County Arboretum to look for the orchard oriole that had been reported there. While I was there I ran into Kate and Mike whom I usually see at the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve as well as a couple of other birders from Pasadena. We were all looking for the bird diligently but none of us had any success…

3) Having dinner with Andrew at the Red Chili Pakistani restaurant in Northridge (I had been saying before that it was in Reseda but I guess it is actually Northridge)...

Friday, December 20

1) With people in the holiday mood, it was a generally light day at work…

2) Dinner at The Pita Kitchen in Sherman Oaks where they make the best falafel…

3) Watching episode 120 of the Korean drama “Princess Aurora”... The final episode, episode 150, aired in Korea today. Reading the reviews from bloggers who had seen the final episode, I am excited to ..

Thursday, December 19

1) A quick stop at the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve since it hadn’t started raining yet although rain had been forecast…

2) I said “good” when the Chief Actuary asked me how I was today. He was surprised because I usually say “OK”...

3) Watching episode 119 of the Korean drama “Princess Aurora”...

list three things every day that made me happy (read all 785 entries…)
Sunday 12/15, Monday 12/16, Tuesday 12/17 & Wednesday 12/18

Wednesday, December 18

1) A quick stop at the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve on my way to work… I ran into Kate this morning who introduced me to Mike, another one of the regular birders in the area…

2) We had a department going away lunch for a colleague who was leaving for a new job in New Jersey at P.F. Chang’s… I hadn’t been to P.F. Chang’s in years; the food isn’t bad but is kind of pricey for what it is and if I have a choice I would rather go to “real” Chinese restaurant than to an Americanized one like this one…

3) Running after work… I couldn’t see the full moon (or almost full moon) tonight because of all the cloud cover…

Tuesday, December 17

1) A quick stop at the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve on my way to work… I once again ran into Hang, the hipster photographer I had pointed out the owls to over the weekend…

2) Running after work… Like yesterday evening, the temperature was warm, over 70 degrees…

3) Watching episode 117 of the Korean drama “Princess Aurora”...

Monday, December 16

1) I got a new work laptop today…

2) Running after work… The temperature was still in the mid-70’s after dark with the full moon out…

3) Watching episode 116 of the Korean drama “Princess Aurora”...

Sunday, December 15

1) Running this morning… It was almost 60 degrees Fahrenheit, over 20 degrees warmer than it was last weekend…

2) Having lunch with Andrew at “Follow Your Heart” in Canoga Park…

3) I went birding this afternoon in Playa del Rey where a rare black-throated green warbler had been reported at a condominium complex. I found the bird relatively quickly which was a relief since birding on private property can create some suspicion. Anyway, black-throated green warbler (see the photo I took) was species #323 on the list of birds I have seen in Los Angeles County in 2013… Continuing my afternoon of birding, I stopped at Lake Balboa on the way home where the highlight was seeing a common loon near the boat launch area. A couple who saw me with my camera started asking me questions about birds…

list three things every day that made me happy (read all 785 entries…)
Thursday 12/12, Friday 12/13 & Saturday 12/14

Saturday, December 14

1) I went birding this morning at a couple of deep-water lakes in the northwestern part of the county this morning, Quail Lake and Pyramid Lake. I didn’t see anything noteworthy at either location, just large numbers of the usual ducks… At Pyramid Lake a guy saw me with my camera and asked me to take his picture; if anybody requests, I’ll post it in the comments…

2) Continuing my day of birding this afternoon at the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve (see the photo I took of a Canada goose taking flight over the lake)... I pointed out a pair of owl in a eucalyptus tree to another photographer, a hipster Asian guy named Hang. The pair of owls seemed to be courting each other. Presumably it was the same pair that nested there and produced a couple of chicks last spring. I was getting excited to think that they will probably nest there for a second year in a row…

3) Cuban food for dinner with Andrew at El Criollo in Van Nuys…

Friday, December 13

1) The novelty of the day Friday the 13th…

2) I made a mad dash to Malibu Legacy Park during my lunch break to see the eastern phoebe that had been reported there. Almost all my time was spent driving there and back that I was happy that I saw the bird almost immediately after I got to the park. Eastern phoebe was species #322 on the list of birds I have seen in Los Angeles County in 2013…

3) It was kind of a rough day at work and I stayed at the office kind of late, so it was nice to come home and watch episode 115 of the Korean drama “Princess Aurora”...

Thursday, December 12

1) A quick stop at the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve before work. Though there was nothing unusual and I didn’t get any good photos, there was a nice variety of birds…

2) I wore a shirt to work that I hadn’t worn in a long time and got complimented on it…

3) I was worried about the time it would take to fill my open position, but my boss told me that someone internally might interested…

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