Finally shoot a rifle
rifle season

i already know how to shoot a beebee gun.i am probly going to shoot a rifle when i go turkey hunting.i shoot squirrls all the time.

Learn to play the drums
the instrument

I didnt actually learn the whole thing yet but I am pretty good.I am best at the snare drum.I am working on the buzz stroke.

meet Alon Jackson in person
The music

I am a big Alon Jackson fan!I can name a song right now!Where were you when the world stopped turning.

get a playstation3
I got the money

to me,getting a PS3 is like owning the world.I dont have to buy PS3 games cause you can play PS2 games on PS3!Mabye Ill sell my PS2 after I get the PS3 for some more cash.

Get cheats for Star Wars battlefront 2
the cheats

I finally got cheats for Star Wars battlefront 2 for PS2!the invincibility cheat is UP,UP,UP,Left,Down,Down,Down,Left,UP,UP,UP,left,right.the infinite ammo cheat is UP,Down,Left,Down,Down,Left,Down,Down,Left,Down,Down,Down,Left,Right.(you have to pause first)(dont mind the upper and lower case letters)(the space with the R and the ight is actually the word right)

enter a rubiks cube contest
the contest

I want to enter in a rubiks cube contest so bad!I could make it into second or third place but not first.oh no.the profeshonals take that place.I mean I am just a kid!

Solve a Rubik's cube in under 10 minutes
Rubiks Cube

It was hard but my third grade teacher taught me,I mean com on you got admit it was pretty cool.my record is 50 seconds.If you dont beleive me,go on youtube.Ill put a video up .(when I am 18!)



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