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  1. 1. Fall in love
    27,236 people
  2. 2. Give blood
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    2,996 people
  3. 3. Travel to every country in the world
    117 people
  4. 4. Become a better cook
    532 people
  5. 5. stop procrastinating
    30,416 people
  6. 6. make a habit of seeing the beauty in every person
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  7. 7. Stop comparing myself to other people
    721 people
  8. 8. get better at keeping in touch with people who are important to me
    671 people
  9. 9. quit drinking
    1,026 people
  10. 10. Swim with dolphins
    8,300 people
  11. 11. get my driver's license
    5,153 people
  12. 12. be more confident in myself
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    350 people
  13. 13. Make someone happy everyday
    41 people
  14. 14. make friends
    2,080 people
  15. 15. Feed the homeless
    58 people
  16. 16. Volunteer
    5,556 people
  17. 17. be a vet
    277 people
  18. 18. Do 100 situps
    78 people
  19. 19. become a morning person.
    1,492 people
  20. 20. Quit Smoking
    9,314 people
Recent entries
Give blood
Something I want to do

Well this one is going to be a bit difficult as I am not even sure right now if I can give blood, I mean right this second I just couldn’t – I have low amount of iron (bringing it back to normal) and I am too young (but once I get to the legal age I am heading down, I’ll get my test done and hopefully I’ll be good to go). I have wanted to do this for awile now, and even though I have not done it yet I think it is worth doing as you don’t loose very much (about a pint of blood that your body can repair anyways) but you can give so much (a life) just knowing that makes me smile. I can’t wait =D

Go someplace very, very dark and look at the stars all night
A quiet summer night

Well my grandmother used to own a house up north and every year we would go up to have the traditional “get togethers”. One summer after my Mother and my Father divorced we had to live there for the summer and to make it more fun for me and my brother (as we were still pretty young) we set up a tent and I decided to head out in the middle of the night. I set down a blanket and just looked at the star filled sky, just thought about everything in my life and imagined how my life would be. It was a really nice, peaceful moment and it helped me get away from real life. I would recommend this to anyone and if I ever do this again (which I hope to) I would like to go further and see even more stars.

dance like nobody's watching
Have fun with it :)

I was in a club and decided I was tired of just dancing the same way with the little boys who think they can dance so I went to the middle of the room (where you can stand on the boxes) and danced my heart out I had so much fun and I had a guy come up and dance with me. There was a HUGE smile on my face the whole time and I just fooled around with it and had fun – that to me is the important part. If you want to do this I say do it somewhere that you are supposed to be dancing (for me it was a club) or if you’re really daring then you can do it to break the silence, be silly, or get rid of negative feelings. :P

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