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  1. 1. become a famous dancer, singer, and actress
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  2. 2. become a disney star
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become a disney star
Becomin a disney star =D

I have wanted to be a disney star since the age of like 7. And i mostly wanna be like demi lovato. She is awsome and to meet her would mean the world to me. Being on disney would change my life in EVERY way. I really hope i can one day tho cause i love it sooooo much. Ilove yuuu. love danni xxxxxxxxxx

become a famous dancer, singer, and actress

I have always wanted to be a singer/actress since the age of 8 i think and i am now 14. i practise loads like with friends and stuff. I got inspired first by Kelly Clarkson, then a band who are not famous but were christians and they inpired me to sing how i am today. And now Demi lovato has inspired me and i just want to be like her now. I am working on my voice and just want to be like her. I aint too bothered about the fame as long as i can just do what i love and help people and entertain them you know? and i feel that i am getting a call to do this. People say i wont ever achieve my dreams but i dont take that in, cause i know one day i will be where i want to and i wont give up on that. I am really looking forward to see what this website does, and i just dream about it. Love you guys loads. And pleaseeeeee! Love Ya. Love Danni. xxxxxx


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