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be one of the undead for good resons

I want to become a vampire because I feel like I don’t belong where I am right now…in the ranks of the humans. I feel like I have a place to be, somewhere else…no, I’m not some suicidal emo freak, I’m well-loved, my parents are perfect, and we are a loving family. I just feel misplaced. I’m twelve and I want to become a vampire. So bad.

to find and hang out with vampires

Would it be possible to find vampires that live in Thomasville, Georgia? Seriously. I really want to meet a vampire face-to-face, but I am only 12 (lol) and have parents who are sticks-in-the-muds.

meet people who want to become vampires

I want to become a vampire because I just don’t feel like I’m supposed to be human. I feel like I belong somewhere else.
I’ve dreamt of being a vampire for years, often staying awake until six in the morning and then sleeping all day. School, of course, keeps me from actually sleeping that often, as I have to wake up at five and I have to train myself to sleep like that.
Just like my username says, I am only twelve years of age.

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