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  1. 1. Get up earlier
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  2. 2. Write a useful program
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  3. 3. draw a picture
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  4. 4. make a video
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How to don't drink alcohol for a week
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1 week
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How to clean my room
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2 days
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How to finish the five books in the increasingly inaccurately named "Hitchhikers Trilogy"
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5 weeks
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make a video

I’d really like to make a video just to show I could. It would need to be about something though. I’d never “Vlog” I wouldn’t know what to say. It’d just be me on the camera saying “So… this is my video… em… yeah” and then calling this done.

I’d like it to take a bit of work and have a little substance. We’ll see how this goes. As soon as I have an idea I’ll post again.

clean my room (read all 3 entries…)
No more Sims

No more sims until I clean my room!! My sims are all neat and tidy and outgoing, while I live in squalor. It’s just not on. I’m working this evening until 10pm and then I’ll go to sleep. Tomorrow morning I’ll clean my room. I can’t be expected to go an entire day without the Sims, can I?
I’ll set up an entertainment corner in my room. If I buy a monitor I’ll have a desktop pc I can put in there and I can hook everything up to it… It’ll be crazy, like. :D

Finish the five books in the increasingly inaccurately named "Hitchhikers Trilogy" (read all 4 entries…)
Number 5

I’m on the last of the original books now – “Mostly Harmless”. So far it’s quite an enjoyable read. I like how it’s followind Trisha this time. I missed her a bit in the 4th book.
I think I’ll be finished it in the next few days if I get time to read during the day. It’s been easy find time to read recently since I’m sick and can’t really do anything else except read and play The Sims 3.

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