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How to fall in love
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16 years
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How to get a katana
It took me
16 years
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How to be a better student
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4 months
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Try 43 different kinds of tea
1. Green tea with lemon

Smells great, tastes great and has antioxidants! 8/10

Find a way to be free and be with him at the same time
Sometimes I wonder why people fear of being single?

I didn’t have a boyfriend for quite a long time and it really didn’t bother me unlike most of my friends. And then it just happened, I found someone and my life turned upside down. And it was a fairytale… at first, but then I realised how much I gave up to be with him. I need freedom, peace and independence and to be honest he is suffocating me sometimes. But I grew too fond of him, and I am unable to leave him, because no matter how much of a childish, irresponsible, stubborn idiot he is, I love him.
So I have to find a way to be myself and be with him.
It should be an easy task if he loves me as much as he says.
Well, only time will tell.

Apologize to you

Hi, guys!
I know I haven’t been around lately, but still you have been cheering and supporting me. Thank you for been here for me and I am sorry for not doing the same for you. :)

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