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Goal: To pare down to 100 things

Early this year I read an article about a groundswell movement by people aiming to pare down there stuff to only 100 things. I now plan to weed out as much stuff as I can over a period of two years to see how little I can get by on. Mahatma Gandhi apparently lived with only 10 things, while Buddha Gautama got by with only eight things. I think it’s key that they were both male. Modern women lug around more than one hundred things daily in their handbags alone! My bag was my first target. I sort it out daily to make sure I only carry the absolute bare essentials. My next target was (still is) the master bedroom at home. My guess is, at the end of two years, I will have to admit that my intermediate goal will have to be: 100 things IN EACH ROOM in my home. But even that would already be a major achievement for me. Isn’t it amazing how much stuff we accumulate as the years go by, and never even think that most of the things we own are not even necessary for us to live good lives?


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