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walk/run 1000 miles in 2007 (read all 14 entries…)
So far

I walked 4 miles on the treadmill and 5 miles at work.
991 to go

knit a scarf
Good mindless activity

This is a great mindless activity.
I was really stressed out last year and was having trouble sleeping, so I started knitting as a way to unwind and multi task while watching TV. I have knitted lots of scarves now and still knit because it calms me.
I gave all my friends scarves and had LOTS left over so now I donate them all to the inner city youth drop in centre, because a lot of kids there show up with no hats, gloves, scarves or even socks on sometimes.

go to Italy
Lived there for 2 months

I loved every day of living in Italy. I lived in the North, just outside of Venice, in a small town.
It was so gorgeous, and the people were so laid back and friendly. We picked up Italian and everyone was really eager to help us learn and teach things like words, and cooking, and take us all over northern Italy to see things.
I would go back there anytime. Totally recommend travel to Italy!

coordinate a fashion show to benefit a charity
One Great Event!

Im thinking that I might use this goal as a way to throw myself a birthday party that has actual purpose.

I know I will be able to rally some of my girls to model for me. My Itunes is FULL of great strutting songs for the girls to walk to. I am thinking of making it a “donation at the door” type of thing. Either a food donation to go to the rescue mission or food bank, or a money doantion to go to World Vision’s Sudan Relief project.
I think I will serve fancy drinks and appetizers.

More planning is required, I need a space to do it, and invites, and food/ drinks.
But im pumped now. I wont be able to sleep properly until I have it all worked out.

All great adventures start with big dreams…

get a haircut I love (read all 3 entries…)

Im sucha CHICKEN when it comes to my hair!!!
I have really think, naturally curly reddish brown hair.
I have had some HORRIBLE haircuts, 2 or 3 where I have cried for hours after getting home!
The problem is that all hairdressers I have been to tell me the same thing: “I can cut curly hair, I have hair just like yours” or “my girlfriend/ mother/ sister/ friend has hair just like yours.” And then they proceed to butcher my hair giving it a horrible shape so that i cant straighten it and cant get it in a pony tail, or so short that its an afro!

I have been holding off on getting my hair cut for the past 7 months as it was recovering from another “Oh yes I am GREAT at cutting curly hair” and then he chopped horrible short layers that gave me a halo of frizzy hair around my crown and my face… I cried for 2 days…

I have been asking all my curly haired friends for references, and I finally got the courage to call and book an appointment with my friend Cara G-Ray’s Stylist. Its for Wednesday January 24th. I think I might challenge myself on this one so I dont chicken out…

dye my hair (read all 6 entries…)
The Consequences

I have wanted to dye my hair for a little while now. Either blonde or a dark brown.
The thing is I’ve really only ever streaked my hair twice, once in High school and once in University. My mom was PRETTY mad both times.
I really do like my natural hair colour… so that makes me hesitant… maybe I will get streaks again…

Move out of my parents' basement (read all 4 entries…)
T minus 6 Months

My parents are building a house and moving out of the city. This means that I will have to move out, so thats some good motivation. (I doubt the new people will be willing to let me stay in their basement…)
I am saving for a condo, but 6 months is not alot of time to do that when Im also trying to pay off my credit card and incurring other costs like cell phone bills, car insurance, and speeding tickets…
On the other hand, selling the house means we need to show it, which has caused me to have to pack up alot of the stuff that was lying around, so moving will be easier since everything is already in boxes!

Drink eight glasses of water each day
Its all about convienience

Make it as EASY as you can for yourself by buying a big waterbottle from Walmart and filling it with water in the morning and carrying it around all day. Make sure that it is closer to you then any other beverage so that you reach for it first. I also challenge myself to drink water when Im hungry because sometimes thirst is mistaken for hunger pangs.

Take more pictures (read all 7 entries…)
Its finally here!!!

My new camera finally arrived!! I was so excited! Its from my parents for Christmas, its a Kodak 5.0 MP.
I’ve already been playing around with the camera and its features, including movies!!

eat only all natural foods for one week (read all 6 entries…)
Starting out

Tonight I bought a Vegan cookbook in the bargain bin at Superstore. It has some great recipes that use only “real” food, like straight out of the earth vegetables and what not. Im really excited to try the “all natural” menu. My family is behind me on this, my mum is really into helping me get the ingrediants I need. Now all I need to do is decide on the week…

run 5k (read all 7 entries…)
Starting out

I’ve started one of those running plans that eases you into things slowly. I started last week with walking 30 minutes 5 times a week. This week i’ve worked up to 45 minutes of walking 5 times a week!

pay off my credit card (read all 6 entries…)
Only $2084.48 to go!

I have taken a second job (my old job) as a bartender. Im bartending at the same place again, so its good to know most of the drinks and still recognize many of the regulars.
This will be just a weekends thing, but Im happy in it. I sort of missed the night life! Plus the tips are FANTASTIC!

Do something active at least 5 times a week (read all 11 entries…)
Forming a habit

Im trying to form a habit of being active.
I bought a treadmill and it sits right outside my bedroom door so I have to pass it many times a day. I walked for 45 minutes last night and tonight its off to start ballroom dancing classes!

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