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  1. 1. get into shape and have a 36" waist.
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visit all 50 states
I've been to all 50 states.

I’ve driven in 49 states. I travelled Alaska on the inland ferry and did not need a car in the small cities we visited. I could walk the entire town and be back to the dock before the ferry departed.

I’ve also visited 28 or so countries. I like having those experiences.

I collect cloth patches for my jackets, caps and so forth. I have over 700 from them national parks and other tourist attractions.

I hiked over 100 mountain peaks in southern Arizons.

I hiked the Grand Canyon in 2 days, one day down, stayed in the Phantom Ranch dorm and up the easier South Rim the next day.

I rafted the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon with a PBS camera crew for 10 days.

I won medals in nearly 100 events in the Tucson, AZ Senior Olympics.

I have a 4.0 masters degree in business administration and parts of masters degrees in education, political science and education.

I retired at age 51.

I have a 75 foot long garden, and am giving away scallopped patty pan squash almost every day.

I am raising 2 Australian Shepherd – Border Collie cross puppies and 2 goats.

I have been active in Crime Watch, Hospital Visitation, Food Banks, camps for the Developmentally Disadvantaged, helping the homeless and other causes.

I care for the environment.

I plan to join a church near my new mountain home in WV tomorrow and become active there.


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