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  1. 1. be a better cook
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  2. 2. take a photo every day for one year
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  3. 3. become a better photographer
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  4. 4. travel around the world
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  5. 5. learn to play guitar
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  6. 6. get my PhD in bioinformatics
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  7. 7. get better at golf
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  8. 8. volunteer at an animal shelter
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  9. 9. see Wicked on broadway
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  10. 10. learn to speak another language
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  11. 11. take a multivitamin every day
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  12. 12. go somewhere exciting for spring break
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  13. 13. Keep a journal
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  14. 14. learn to draw
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  15. 15. Act in a play
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  16. 16. get better at typing in dvorak
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  17. 17. play paintball
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Keep a journal

I came to the wonderful realization today that I might be able to faithfully keep a journal on my computer much more easily than I could keep a physical, written-by-hand journal. Somehow, it’s just easier for me to sit down and type a stream-of-consciousness entry than it is to write one. Maybe because I can actually type fast enough to keep up with my thought process…and even still end up with a legible product at the end :)

learn to play guitar (read all 2 entries…)

I can now play recognizable songs and am ridiculously proud of my new finger callouses. it also made me happy to find a guitar pick in my purse, not because it was a piece of jewelery or belonged to a friend, but because I (am learning to) play the guitar.

learn to play guitar (read all 2 entries…)
bought a guitar :)

This was probably the most nervous I’ve ever been about buying something. I did my research and went to the guitar store pretty set on the Yamaha FG700S, which is what I ended up getting. Ir made me really nervous that I don’t yet have a good enough ear to here what a really good guitar sounds like and that being in the store looking at guitars didn’t really make it any easier for me to pick one. However, my guitar has a beautiful, mellow, relatively quiet sound and I love it :)

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