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DirtyPiGGuin's Life List

  1. 1. Read the entire Bible
    2,553 people
  2. 2. Beat every final fantasy between 1 and 10
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  3. 3. Skydive
    11,444 people
  4. 4. Fire a gun
    177 people
  5. 5. Learn a martial art
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    1,583 people
  6. 6. Tend a bar
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  7. 7. learn carpentry
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    153 people
  8. 8. sculpt
    60 people
  9. 9. Become a clown
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    14 people
  10. 10. Be a mascot
    12 people
  11. 11. build an instrument
    3 people
  12. 12. Go urban exploring
    6 people
  13. 13. become fluent in spanish
    2,510 people
  14. 14. learn how to fix cars
    45 people
  15. 15. own a drumset
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  16. 16. build a PC
    20 people
  17. 17. Record an album
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    1,299 people
  18. 18. learn magic tricks
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  19. 19. Publish a book of haiku
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  20. 20. learn to beat-box
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  21. 21. Go to the coast of Maine
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  22. 22. live alone
    412 people
  23. 23. leave the country
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  24. 24. Become a Groundling
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  25. 25. Learn to Krump
    66 people
  26. 26. breakdance
    344 people
  27. 27. tap dance
    83 people
  28. 28. Play a total of 13 instruments
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  29. 29. Get a pair of nunchucks
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Recent entries
Record an album
so the total goal is:

-write the whole thing first =/

-record it

-do the artwork

-burn it to cds

-and then give it away for free.



Play a total of 13 instruments
ok, so here's the plan:

I have a fairly solid four. Guitar, mandolin, clarinet and bongos. I have a basic understanding of/have in my household/ occasionally diddle around with Piano, harmonica, bass, and ozark harp/mouth harp/its many other names. and I want more.

part of the goal is getting more proficient at the latter four and part of it is learning 5 new ones. I’ve messed around a lot with ukulele, although I’m not sure if I want to get one since it’s currently the token fad instrument for “eccentric types”. Back in high school, I tried learning Baritone (pretty much hated it) and still have the trombone mouthpiece that went with it so I’m considering tromboning it up (played one twice).Others I’ve experimented with and think I might like are violin/viola, trumpet (although after failing with baritone, I doubt trumpet will be much better), and banjo.

I’m also considering the possibility of a concertina or accordion, but I don’t know of any stores near by that sell them, they seem to be really expensive, and I’d like to at least try them out in a store before I buy one. Ideally, I’d like something I can carry around, can play anywhere (don’t have to plug in), and something with a nice mellow tone I can play chords on to accompany myself while singing. But the on;y things I know of that fit that criteria are guitar and (eh) ukulele.


I want to:
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