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Denyce Brown

I'm So in love

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become a better photographer (read all 3 entries…)

There are so many photographers in the world and I know I am just one of many. I knew I would never make money at it but I knew I had something special to share with the world. I am currently doing charity photography for people in a rough time. I work with women shelters, people nominate other people who have fallen on hard times & deserve it. I do all of their photography for free. :) A lot of people say- when things get better, I will take pictures of the baby or kids- but we all know that babies and kids change everyday. I love helping people out and I never charge a Dime! I have gotten tips but I never want anything except for people to see themselves as I do through my lens. I work in Utah, if you know anyone who needs some help, let me know.

Couch Surf
I really want to try this....

However I am a little leary. I think it is a great idea but how do you know if it is safe? Anyone with stories, Please feel free to reply! PLEASE! I am looking to get to England… one day.

find myself (read all 2 entries…)
Am I lost?

Under layers and layers of motherhood, parenting, being a wife, cooking, cleaning and working- I am in here! It is time to be me!

Someone asked me yesterday what my favorite food was. I had no answer. I automatically thought about what my husbands was. even at this very moment, I still dont know.

find a gratitude buddy
Seeking buddy...

So I read an article on MSN about avoiding stress and one of the suggestions was getting a gratitude buddy. Someone you HAVE to email everyday just to tell them what you are gratful for. Not a Huge paragraph but something simple. Even when things are down- you have to do it. You exchange your thoughts and encourage each other.

I think it is a wonderful idea.

be skinny enough so my thighs won't rub against each other when I walk

Yes, You can rub to sticks together to start a fire….
No- you can not rub fat thighs together and make a fire. If it could be done- I would have done it.

I have always had bolky legs.

Once, Just once I would love to have skinny legs!


Help Carson!
Sweet boy

There is this incredible little guy I know. He is so wonderful but he suffers everyday from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. His mother is a good friend of mine and she is amazing. She can smile every day and manages to hold it together for her other 2 kids and awesome husband.

I want people to know about this disease.

I want people to help him and other little boys that suffer from it.

This little guy is a ray of sunshine! He can light up a room and make you laugh. He deserves to have a happy and healthy childhood. His family deserves to be together.


Be confident enough to not care about what others think
I am beautiful!

Big girls by Mika! Give it a listen- it will put a swing in your step and make you feel pretty good about yourself.

To everyone who thinks I am not beautiful or anything special- You can kiss my big butt!

I am beautiful!! :)

lose 30 lbs (read all 3 entries…)
No surprise

I am a big girl. I have struggled with my weight forever now and I have noticed that when I am not super stressed about it- thats when I can lose it! Here is my exercise song (And theme song) I hope someone out there enjoys it as much as me!

Big girls by Mika!

It is Wonderful! Being big isnt that awful! We are beautiful!

Thanks ALysen!

grant a wish
in 2008

I hope to grant a wish for someone in 2008. But it has to be random and selfless- I have a lot of them in mind.

I hope to make someone very happy- without credit!

Say "no" every time i feel like it and not feel guilty (read all 2 entries…)
I am learning

to say no- but I cant help but feel bad in the back of my mind. I mean I am getting good at saying No when I dont want to do something but I cant help but think that I am getting to be known as the Boatch!

Maybe I am going at this the wrong way. Why cant I find the balance????

Find out who is subscribed to me.
I am going to be honest and admit-

I enjoy the mystery!

stop drinking soda
I am hoping to go 3 months

I have already gone 4 whole weeks. I am hoping to never drink another drop for as long as I live. I feel so much better- mentally and physically.

If you have ever heard of the book “Skinny Bitch” (it is on Itunes too) It has a wonderful section on soda. After listening to it- I havent had one sip since. :P I even shared it with a friend of mine and she gave it all up too!

lose 30 lbs (read all 3 entries…)
16 lbs... and gaining... i mean losing

No soda, No junk- it has been tough but the result will be well worth it! I have to do this. I just have to

I can do it- I know I can.

not spend so much time at the computer (read all 6 entries…)
So much to do...

If you only get on the computer when you have to and find other things to do in your “spare” time- boy does it make a difference. I actually feel mentally sharper lately.

Better go- My time is up here!

visit Brighton, England
Well- April it is!!

I am so excited! I almost dont believe it will happen! Am I dreaming? the one thing in life I have wanted the most and it is right there! I am overcome with joy! I can’t wait to see where my father lived as a child and enjoy the British world for a while!

Keep your fingers crossed for me! I hope it doesnt fall through!

steal something someone loves, take pictures of it in random places, and send them to that person (read all 2 entries…)

We stole pumpkins from my in laws in October. We took pictures of them in different places and sent ransom notices once a week with silly challenges that had to be done. One week they didnt do the “task” and we popped off the noses and sent them to them. It was funny and quite fun. My kids had a blast. the last goal they had to do was go to Target and stand out front and sing one Xmas carol. They were So emabarrassed.

I am happy to report that the pumpkins were wrapped up and giving to them for Xmas. They were so surprised.

I am done!!

not spend so much time at the computer (read all 6 entries…)

I went one whole month with only spending 5 minutes a day on the computer! (Checking bills and tracking shipments) I did it! I was amazed at how much I got done!

do one thing every day that scares me (read all 2 entries…)
Boy did I!

About 5 years ago I was riding a 4 wheeler and rolled down a mountain. Luckly I wasnt killed. I have been frightened ever since. Well, I DID IT! I got the courage to get back on (on flat ground) and I had a blast! I got quite dirty- but I did it~

learn to SCUBA dive (read all 2 entries…)
Still just Scared....

I made a promise to my husband many years ago and I plan on keeping my word but this SCARES me to death! I even have nightmares about it!!!!! I dont know how to battle this fear! I refuse to not go through with it but I worry about having a panic attack during my dive.

Thank goodness this is an expensive hobby- I can put it off that much longer!

Pay it Forward
My time out

Yesterday was such a Crazy day with Class parties, work, costumes and all of the other festivities and I finally decided I needed a time out. 10 mins or so. I didnt know what to do so I went to the library. I knew I wasnt going to check out a book- but instead I walked up the the do it yourself section of books, took out a book and slipped a twenty dollar bill instead with a quick note saying “Recently I have been blessed- I was hoping to pass it on”

It gave me a wonderful feeling knowing that someday, someone will find it and maybe it will put a smile on their face.

I then got back in the car and returned to my regularly scheduled programing… motherhood.

Smile :)

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