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  1. 1. BASE jump
    389 people
  2. 2. live off grid
    14 people
  3. 3. move to a different state
    43 people
  4. 4. write a novel
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  5. 5. Skydive
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    11,446 people
  6. 6. Learn to fly
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    2,290 people
  7. 7. see northern lights
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    146 people
  8. 8. Buy a motorcycle
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    1,161 people
  9. 9. complete a long multiple day hike
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  10. 10. camp in the snow
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    11 people
  11. 11. go sled dogging
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  12. 12. learn to SCUBA dive
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  13. 13. photograph someone famous
    4 people
  14. 14. Drive across US
    3 people
  15. 15. spend time in third world country
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  16. 16. backpack across europe
    905 people
  17. 17. learn a dance
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Buy a motorcycle
Pocket bike

So my kids got a pocket bike for Christmas not really what I was thinking when I said I wanted to buy a motorcycle but thought hell with it that’s gotta count as part way there..

complete a long multiple day hike
Working on this

Have decided that it is going to be at lake aloha in desolation wilderness. A three-four day hike, five lakes. Went on an over night hike here only made it to the second lake, and came back didn’t have enough time; next time I’m going all the way. Summer 2011…

go sailing
Best thing I've ever done on the water

This was one of the most amazing experiences. Went sailing in Canada on a small wooden sailboat. Felt the sun on my face while laying in a hammock next to my husband. The hammock was hanging over the front of the boat with only water below. Would love to do it again, or maybe even learn to sail and get a boat.

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