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become a copywriter
Zero to Pro

My goal is to be a professional copywriter. (Preferably freelance)
For specificity’s sake, “pro” will be when I’m making money—so once I’ve completed my first couple jobs. :)

Drive Route 66

Once I’ve finished bringing my Volvo C70 back from it’s “100k blues”, I want to get some money and friends together, and cruise Route 66 from beginning to end. (And back again, of course)

Drive Route 66 in a convertible

Once I’ve finished bringing my Volvo C70 back from it’s “100k blues”, I want to get some money and friends together, and cruise Route 66 from beginning to end. (And back again, of course)

have a conversation in Japanese
Finally grew a pair and did it!

I finally stopped making excuses and tried conversing entirely in Japanese. It was over an IM client, but it still counts. (Plus it bought me a few extra precious seconds when reading/answering)

Anyways at 45 minutes, I did much better than I expected to. (considering I only did 3 days of refresher work beforehand.) The only times I used English were when I was unsure of how I phrased something in Japanese, and decided to type it in English as well for clarification.

I recommend checking out the blog fluent in 3 months for inspiration. Awesome stuff!

Achieve a Silver Tongue

I tend to bumble about and get distracted by my own thoughts when I converse. I hope to be able to refine my ability to tastefully structure my speech. (So far, I can only do this in text, when I have all the time in the world to compose a paragraph.)

own a samurai sword

I own a couple of katana and one “odachi.”
They are fun to play with, however I don’t practice any Japanese ryuu. For the last 2 years, they’ve sat unused in my closet, only being taken out occasionally to wipe them down & re-apply some mineral oil.

I’ve been practicing Renaissance European Martial Arts for awhile now, and when I picked up one of my katana and played with it the other day, It felt so short/stubby and cumbersome compared to my longsword. (Yes, I know, “different branches of the tree of weapons.” It’s technically closer to the “Grosse/kreigsmesser” in function)

If you want a katana for collecting purposes, backyard cutting, or (obviously) to go with your study of the Japanese Sword Arts, I say go for it! However if you want a katana because you’re a Japanophile who wants to “look cool”/cut through cars/have the “ultimate sword”, then realize that the katana is just another sword from a historically-isolated island nation that only had access low-quality iron/steel. (Yet made the best of their situation and made a decent-quality blade.)
So if you only want one because of the hype surrounding them, don’t kid yourself.

stop procrastinating
I want to stop procrastinating

I’m confident that I will get to it eventually.

“Hard work may pay off later, but procrastination always pays off NOW!”
-A motivational poster at work

Learn to play the cello
Here goes.

I rented a cello a week ago and I’m currently teaching myself with a self-made curriculum consisting of an amalgamation of the book “Essential Elements 2000 for Strings” and YouTube videos by Queixoso. (

To ensure that I’m on-key until I get my ears dialed in, I’m practicing scales in front of my tuner. Today I was polishing up my C scale.

Learning to play the cello has been on my “Bucket List” of sorts since 5 or so years ago, but it had to wait until I could afford it.

be hot

It’s hard for me NOT to be hot~

Get back into Martial Arts (read all 2 entries…)

I just joined the local chapter of the A.R.M.A. (Association for Renaissance Martial Arts) and plan to study the use of several weapon classes, as well as unarmed combat. (ringen)
However the basis of my studies will be centered on the longsword. (I especially like how there is no “Ren. Faire dress-up” involved. B-) )

By the way, Europeans didn’t just bash people with swords that somehow weighed 20 lbs.; Western martial arts were actually just as developed as Eastern MA. The difference is that MA in the West went extinct with the advent of firearms, and were misunderstood by the Victorians who stumbled on the evidence. Look into it; you may like it!

(I’m not in the picture. Just an FYI)

join ARMA (read all 2 entries…)

Just joined

do the splits (read all 2 entries…)
Encouraging progress faster than I thought

I’ve halved my starting crotch distance to the ground since I actually started stretching everyday 4 days ago. I’ve only worked on my side splits thus far, since my adductors tend to be less flexible than my Hamstrings. (But mainly because it’s more comfortable to hold a side-split position while watching television. ^^)

No problems/persistent pains that shouldn’t be there thus far, and I hope it stays that way.

stop the trich once and for all

Cut my hair really short and wear a cap most of the time. So far, it’s working really well. :)
I’ll keep it like this for a couple of more months to make sure the impulse is gone completely.

do the splits (read all 2 entries…)

In middle school, I used to be 4 inches shy of a front split (left side; my left hammy is more flexible than my right for some reason) and 8 inches shy from a side split. Fast-forward to the present, and I’ve sadly lost most of that flexibility. Needless to say I’m trying to get that back.

Write a Manga
Currently brainstorming plot specifics

I’ve been passively brainstorming my own manga for a couple of years now. (So far the title is “Albatross.”) I’m about to take the next step and flesh out the plot in novel format before I try to actually draw it. I care about it too much to have it flop because of my inexperience, so I plan to at least try out a few one-shots first to see if I can handle it first.

join ARMA (read all 2 entries…)

I’m joining A.R.M.A. once I move to Texas in January. :)

learn greek

I have a book covering most of the basics of Modern Greek, and for everything else, I have an old version of Rosetta Stone (Which I hardly use) and

make my own language

So far my language (Kuliayesho) has a complete alphabet, yet less than 50 words in it’s vocabulary. (that’ll change soon.)

I’m basing everything but the alphabet on basically every other language I’m learning: Greek, Latin, Esperanto, English, and Japanese. (In that order. :3 )

Currently I’m building vocabulary, working out the kinks in the grammar system, and whittling down the unnecessary letters in the alphabet.

live forever

I plan to live forever. So far, so good…

be perfect

I’m perfect, and have always been perfect. It’s something you’re born with, I’m afraid.

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