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get another tattoo

I have three already :) My most recent one isn’t even completely healed and I’m already knocking around some ideas for my next one. Very addicting.

write to my penpal

In middle school, we were paired up with kids in Holland to become penpals. I continued to write my penpal through high school but then I just become so busy that I never sit down to write a letter. I feel really badly about this and I want to get back in touch with her.

Become a vegetarian

I’m a huuuuge animal lover. I even have a tattoo of pawprints. I’m wholeheartedly against the inhumane practices going on right now to produce meat (at least commercially, local and organic meat tends to have better practices). I do not want to support this industry. I still live with my parents and brothers so I basically have to eat what they eat. Also, I know I would become lazy and not eat the proper alternatives or take the right supplements and I’d probably end up being anemic or something. This is definitely a goal I would like to reach – and keep – though.

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