Revamping my 43 things

save 5% of each paycheck
I am officially unemployed

I don’t have any income so I can’t save money. But I will continue looking for a job.

Save $100 in change
Counting change jar.

My kids bought me a change jar that counts your money that you put in as you put it in. I love it! Right now I have 22.42 in the jar. I am keeping all the change I find and putting it in there. 77.58 to go!

live in an RV
6 months!

We did this for six months in Southern California with 2 kids. It actually was a lot of fun.

feel an earthquake
Been in a few

We’ve been in a few earthquakes. The biggest one was in San Diego on Easter Sunday. 7.4 or something like that. Pretty wild!

ride out a hurricane
Did this a time or two

We stayed put for a few hurricanes. We couldn’t leave so we just stayed. We hung out in the hurricane room and hoped for the best. It wasn’t bad.

watch a space shuttle launch in Florida

I was in 4th grade and they made a HUGE to do about us going outside to watch the challenger take off. It was surreal to watch it explode and I’ll never forget it.

See Penn and Teller in Las Vegas
It was great!

My husband bought tickets for me! That was totally awesome! Very breath-taking and they took the time to meet every one afterwards!



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