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conquer Expression Engine
I Went for WordPress Instead

Expression Engine just wasn’t for me. It hurt my brain. I wanted to make it work, it seems a lovely piece of software.

But it was too much for what I do; I realized that my website is a hobby, something I do for fun, enjoyment and relaxation and I spent nearly a full year unable to do anything with my site because I was so flummoxed by EE and that was just dumb. EE was supposed to make things easier – well, easier than updating everything by hand, at least – but it was just bogging things down.

So no EE. I’m using WordPress instead, and I’m liking it a lot. And I don’t feel badly about giving up on EE at all.

Get a gmail account
GMail does rock

I’ve been loving GMail. I still have more than 40 invites. If you need one, just send an e-mail to me at my name at gmail.com. First 40 to write will get the invitations. (Are there still that many people who don’t have GMail? Wow!)

Read 104 books in 2005
And it's only August!

I’m at 111 with 2 in progress, as of this morning. I love reading. Give me more books!

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