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To become more outgoing is a personal goal of minefor many reasons, My viewpoint on outgoing is just to be upbeat and positive. I find this to be easy in most situations just not the ones that help me out. Around Family and Friends I am happy and talkative and so on….but around people I don’t know I am a total ASS. Not because I want to be, just because I am so uncomfortable just carrying on a conversation with a stranger, anybody with me on that? Like waiting in line for something and you can feel THAT GUY just smiling like a dumbass at you waiting to make just enough eye contact so he can bring up how the weatherman can’t be trusted and in most likely in 30 seconds of Conversation will also bring up how his kids are smokin doobies and his wife is a tramp. Haha I mean I have had some of the most bizarre exchanges on the planet people just come up and go off on these Tangents bout their lives…It has to happen to other people because theres nothing special about me in that aspect. I blame them for me not being more out going and sociable. Now, any time I feel like pleasant converation somewhere I gotta worry ” Is this dude crazy? or this woman looks nuts, I better not” That is soooo not fair and it drives me insane. In summary, I didn’t really address my goal nor did I create any constructive advice, I just wanna know if people have experienced these lunatics and have any advice on how to deal with them other then LISTENING or Telling them their inept.

Here is a picture of one of these Crazies…..bye bye

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I defeinitly am more of a reserved person when it comes to meeting new people. I have the same 6 great friends I have had since I was in high school. That is something I would never give up, the closeness , the commradere it’s the most important thing to me. Howeevr, I am in the Navy and You ain’t exactly home all the time. I need to lossen up and be myself more often. Also, finding that special someone would be great too.

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