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  1. 1. be more social
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  2. 2. Learn three languages
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  3. 3. find myself
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  4. 4. be a "regular"
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  5. 5. study hard
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  6. 6. improve my speaking voice
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  7. 7. be healthy
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  8. 8. learn to cook. Really cook.
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redo my room
Complete re-do

Since I’m still in high school, I live with m y parents in the house I grew up in. My room I’d previously painted with them when I was around 5 or so: pink, white picket fence, flowers, starred ceiling, the whole nine yards. A little while ago, though, I got really, really tired of it. I gathered some ideas, colors, authentic (and real) nautical artifacts, like maps, lanterns, etc., from my uncle and aunt, and voila! A completely marine-themed room. Blue-grey with white trim and ceiling, large paintings and maps on the walls with a real ship’s wheel, and a lighthouse in the corner. I love it! It was totally worth doing.

improve my speaking voice
It's too flat

My speaking voice is very alto, and if I say something sarcastic, I could easily pass for a man. I hate it. I basically just want to make it more dynamic and use more tones and pitches when I talk. More buoyant than just a log. (I’m tired, the imagery is awful.)

study hard

I usually go through a period of slacking off almost 90% in third quarter… I really don’t want to do that this year, especially with the several AP exams I have to take. AP World History is my most difficult subject and I’m determined to get a 5 on it. (Let’s also hope the new school year enthusiasm doesn’t die as fast as it usually does… Or die at all.)

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