workin n chillin

for this wed. coming up i want to do my best in my training police program so i can get ranked higher in class

we had training today to see if we got the rank we signed up for. we all did a good job in the training. i feel good about it though because for the obstucle me and my partner got the fastest time but that doesnt matter because we all are a team and we all did good. but i have a breathing disorder and that killed me so bad. i felt like dying.when it came to the 1 and 1/2 mile i pushed myself when i shouldnt have and got dizzy couldnt jog straight and almost passed out but i couldnt because i would have failed then i felt like i died after we got done with it all i couldnt even breath without my heart hurting like it was going to pop out. but im proud of myself that i got it done and proud for my teammates who got it done and all that tried their best

let veggie people know that they need meat with out them getting mad at me or me getting mad at they

so no disrespect to you because you can read this and not care but you need meat and you need to understand that. most of your mucsles come from meat.YES I UNDERSTAND china or japan whoever eats the dogs should by veggies so they stop eating dogs because its wrong but we are in america.and you need meat on your body so your not super duper under weight. like paris hilton. so please eat meat you wont die and if you do well its because you were still under weight and you ran out of time to save your self or you will just look like the picture

volunteer for more school credits

so i found out that if i volunteer that i get more credit for school so i was like heck yessss. i know this place called home harbor and i cant get the job at this time bc im only 15 and the insurence would go up so days before my 16th birthday they will hire me. but they said i could come volunteer there if i wanted to and i said yessss.so i just right done what i did get it signed and in fall when school starts back up transferr it to a credit paper and BOOM more credits for me.But its fun here kinda when its not boring.sense i go like 7 in the moring to 3 to 5 at night but when i cant do anything i can come on the computer there. but its a good deed and not boring all the time

go to a paramore concerte

Paramore is a very good band and i just cant get enough of the songs and Haley she sings her songs in way that just relaxes me because her voice is so nice and claim. i hope this doesnt sound homo but its true. plus i just love music. either it relaxes me or gets me pumped up for something well her music doesnt pump me up disturbes music does but if you never heard of them well your missing out on some good music. one of there songs are opn guitar hero. all of this just makes me want more and want to go to a concerte. i do listen to rap/hip hop, regga, and latino rap



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