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  1. 1. Associates degree
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  2. 2. learn to program
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  3. 3. learn bash
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  4. 4. be less cynical
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  5. 5. Learn Java
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  6. 6. Learn C or C++
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join the navy
Former resident of a rust bucket.

It’s fairly simple. Go to the recuitment office (Career Center) and talk to a recuiter. I would seriously suggest knowing what you want to do or, you’ll probably hate life. The recuiter might tell you that you can change jobs. Thats like trying to bend a frying pan with your bare hands. The Navy is great if you love your job.

get out of the NAVY
It's simple...

All you need to do is listen to some incompetent first class until the end of your eaos, or drop a continuing education chit. I believe you can get out 6-12 months early. You need to be enrolled in classes/have a schedule when the chit is submitted.


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