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get over my ex boyfriend
What the hell?

So today, I accidentally log onto 43Things for the first time in a year, and see that the last thing in my list is “Get over my ex-boyfriend.”

But… the last time I logged on we were still in a relationship??? Was I really so sad while we were broken up that I logged on and added that as a goal? And then blocked it out of my memories?! And was that directed towards him, or to the guy that I dated immediately after briefly and couldn’t get over for quite a while?! Or did one of my friends want to drop me a hint, log onto my account, and write that for me?

Funny thing, two days ago he called and told me that he agreed with my parents when they said I wasn’t over him. Then, today, right before I stumbled onto this account, I told my friend what he said, and she agreed with them too.

Oh well. I’m quite over all of them now.

quit neopets
THREE years.

Started playing neopets pretty soon after it started, when the Battledome wasn’t open, and the Hypno Helmet, now the H4000 Helmet and worth millions, could be purchased in the Space Station shop for under 300 neopoints. 3 years of my heart, tears, and time went into it, and I have to say that I learned a whole lot. But quitting was pretty easy. Got addicted to the Xanga instead -__-ll

pierce my ears
5 More Days

Turning 18 on July 6… and it will be the first thing I do when I wake up! (Besides getting dressed and driving to the mall and such…)

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