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learn tae kwon do (read all 3 entries…)
1st Don

I had my black belt testing at the start of December, and I have passed. I am now an instructor, and I have been concentrating on helping families who decide to join. This has marked a very special time in my life and things are all falling together. My wife and I are now expecting a baby, and could not be happier. Tae Kwon Do has done so much for me, and I love training and instructing.

lose weight
Maybe some help...

My wife and I have been doing a program from our martial arts Master, called Yang Seng. Now, I know everyone has different tastes in programs and that is great, because if it is working for you then stick with it and keep getting positive feedback from those around you! But I just want to share a little about how the program works. It is a diet and exercise program based on your own body type. So far, it has been great. It starts with a detox process and a healthy eating routine, and you feel better and more energetic. There is also workout routines, breathing exercises, and meditation and massage. We go to the classes after our Tae Kwon Do training with Master Ha, but he also has DVD’s too.
I have been told a referral is a great compliment, so I thought I should share. His site is Hastkd.com or check out the MySpace site I am making for the program. It’s under YangSengLife. Tell them Eric and Trish sent you!
Well, best of luck to you all, and keep up the great work. A lot of you have done some great things in your life!

learn tae kwon do (read all 3 entries…)
Green Belt

I will be testing for my Green Belt, and I am looking forward to every training class. I have been very excited and happy to help the new student and lower belts with form as well as stretching and work outs.
I am so happy with the school that I have chosen. The people are great and we are like a family. It is a great experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

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