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stop living in the past (read all 3 entries…)
Guess I'm literally living in the past

I just realized I wrote in that last entry that today is the 19th, but its the 20th. Maybe I should ask for help.

stop living in the past (read all 3 entries…)
I think I started on this yesterday

I never got over my gf from almost 8 years ago. Yesterday a mutual friend called me and said he’d talked to her and she was living in Jersey City and working at a Red Lobster in Times Square. I thought about how hellish that life sounds. All those people, the dirty, noisy, cold city. We would not have anything in common now. I am glad that our life together ended so that I can have the life I have now, safe back in my hometown where today on December 19 it is a lovely 60 degrees and the restaurant in which I work is never very busy.

Be absurdly classy.
I guess the easiest way to start

is to brainstorm about what class means to me. Being discreet about one’s own personal life and the personal lives of others wold be a good start. I also had decided last night to stop trying to be funny all the time so its interesting someone else listed that as part of being classy. I personally feel class has little to do with how one dresses. Appropriate emotional responses (NO tantrums unless totally alone). Thinking of others’ feelings.

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