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finish high school and get my diploma
Another Job Well Done

Yes! I’m completely done! When I walked across that stage and shook the hands of my teachers and mentors, with their eyes full of glowing pride and happiness, the whole world just felt okay.

Now I’m off to college!

Collect the fifty American state quarters
Suprisingly Difficult

Let it be known that collecting all 50, plus “special” quarters, can take a while if you don’t devote an extra day of doing nothing but using the dollar-to-quarter machines.

I finally held up my head in pride when I sorted through the fruits of my labors, so to speak.

It’s a small task in the way of a collector, but none-the-less rewarding!

hike the appalachian trail
Wow, what a heavenly hike!

It’s a sort of… personal adventure. I learned a lot about myself, and gave into my natural human instincts. It was great to spend some quality time with the forces of beauty and strength.

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