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I'm doing 8 things

How I did it
How to become fluent in spanish
It took me
9 months
It made me
Can't remember.

How to surf
It took me
3 days
It made me

How to become a vegetarian
It took me
5 weeks
It made me
Proud of myself.

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List 100 Qualities I look for in a Guy (read all 2 entries…)

I repeated 8 and 15, so here is 15:

15. Spontaneous: I don’t like repetition or routine. I like the thrill of not knowing what’s going to happen next. And I want to live in that thrill all my life.

Now the others:

21. Protectiveness: You know, I’m a big, independent girl. But being spoiled and taken-care of isn’t that bad. I like that desperate, selfless hero role some guys take. It’s a turn-on.

22. Trust: They say trust is the foundation of every relationship. I need to know that I can come home and be me safely. And feel at peace and stuff.

23. Education: He must go to college or already have a degree. If he decides to work in a music store or a library or waiting tables in a coffee after that, whatever. As long as he went to college. I’m sorry, but education just changes people.

24. Visionary: I need someone with a big mind. I want to be always wondering whatever he is going to come up with.

25. Animal person: I am a vegetarian, and I volunteer in shelters. So I need someone who loves and respects animal. I don’t ask for a vegetarian guy, I ask for someone who believes animals are living beings equal to us that deserve respect and love.

26. Romance: I hate tacky, pink all-flowery romance. But a nice, long letter in our anniversary and chocolates or a stolen flower undo me. Pretty words, a walk on the beach. You get the picture.

27. Humanism: I define it like the capability of being a person that the world needs. That he has a conscience to enhance society and to keep culture and all that stuff. That’s important to me.

28. Class: I don’t need Mr. Darcy, a Versailles duke or even an XVIII century gentleman. I need someone who knows when not to swear, not to use those disgusting words referring to sex, women, bodily functions or money. That he can use a fork and a knife, not burping, not… You know, just someone who knows what class and elegance is about, and be comfortable with it.

29. Confidence: I can’t stand insecure, self-conscious people. I’m bold, crazy and free. I don’t care about what people say of me, and I want that in a partner.

30. Height: He MUST be taller than me, meaning he has to be at least 5’8 feet. Because I measure 5’3 ft. If he is even taller, the better.

Write why I enjoyed everyday for a year. (read all 2 entries…)
July 21th

So, this is like a diary, I have observed.

Today My mom got me up really early, and we went to the nearest city’s market. We bought loads of fruits and fresh stuff. I didn’t fight mum but I got mad for a while because she was being really unpleasant. Or maybe I was.

Overall, I enjoyed it.

I came home, and left like five minutes later to the main city, where I found a friend and an acquaintance. We walked, went for an ice cream, and then one of them left, and my friend and I left for some fries.

We sat in the boulevard and did some photography. A wizard came by and did an amazing trick. And then an man came by and started talking with us. It was really interesting.

He was a Colombian artist, and a sea merchandiser that was in vacations, and he knew about anthropology and about modern art and politics. He asked for our numbers and then I gave him mine.

I gave my number to a stranger.

Well, I came home and told mum and she was just laughing at me. Telling how naive I was, and then it was all good.

Generally the day made me happy, so I have no complaints. Yay!

Write why I enjoyed everyday for a year. (read all 2 entries…)
July 20th

So, today I start this. Yesterday was the first day I intended to write, but I got home and actually fell asleep.

I went to a friend’s place to babysit. His mom has this place, and she takes care of a lot of the cutest toddlers I’ve seen. I played with them, and had loads of fun watching them singing and stuff. So effin’ cute.

After that we went to talk, I met his sister who is really nice, and then we went to the mall. We ate a huge banana split that I had craved for for days! And we went to do stupid in campus, then around campus posting up fliers for his friends’ band and then for a coffee.

He never drinks, but he ordered a hazelnut mocha. Which has a little bit of booze. And he got happy.

It was DAMN funny. And then I came home in the bus talking to this mr whose name I can’t remember but I do remember that he teaches guitar for a living. How awesome.

And of course Pet made me happy. She ALWAYS make me happy. Awww ♥

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