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join a book club
Let the madness begin!

I had given up on this goal to be honest because I decided that I would rather spend my free time reading what I wanted to read and reading what was current than getting stuck with a book that my book club wanted to read.

However, I am woefully behind on reading what’s current in YA (my favorite genre) so when my friend hinted that a YA book club was forming, I thought it was a grand idea and jumped on it. Even if I do get stuck with a book that I don’t like, YA are such fast and quick reads that it won’t matter. And it will be just the right kind of motivation to actively seek new fiction instead of working my way through my TBR pile. (Which is still important, but at this point the books that are left are books obscure and dated. I probably should just get rid of the whole pile.)

And I must say, I feel extra-special-happy about it because I’m reviving this goal from the I Give Up list which gives some hope of one day achieving some of those others that I have squirreled away. Some of those goals may be possible one day, but so far out of my reach and resources right now as to be impossible and somewhat distracting.

creatively hide the electrical chords in my home
Wow...that took no time at all

Frankly, I’m shocked. Sorting through the mass of electrical chords in my living room was an absolutely daunting task towards the larger goal or organizing my apartment and adopting a more minimalist less cluttered life.

It was a beast. I’m sure you all know the kind that I’m talking about: that unsightly tentacled beast that presents a sever fire hazard and overall crimp in your domestic Zen. It is usually the size of a small to medium sized dog.

Once I sat down to do it though with a roll of twisty ties and a free Sunday afternoon it took no time at all. I was done within an hour! Now I wish that I had done this ages ago!

The next most daunting task…reorganizing the bathroom. I don’t think there will be any surprises there. That is going to take all day. Booooooo.

Make something out of my can tab collection (read all 2 entries…)
Prototype Completed

I made a small clutch sized purse just to test out the design of the bag and used it at Dragon*Con. The purse held up great! I’m still working on the larger bag. Will hopefully be completing that by November.

teach at a university
Me!? A Guest Speaker! YAY!

A former professor of mine invited me to speak to her marketing class in the Fall. I’m so excited! And nervous, but day by day I’m learning more and growing more comfortable in my job. It’ll go fine.

It’ll be a great experience and that will hopefully confirm whether this is something that I’d like to do someday, at least part time.

attend more networking events (read all 3 entries…)

It’s been a pretty low-key month. I’ve only been to one event, “leveraging your influnce through social media” from a rep. of Martha Stewart’s media companies.

learn to knit or crochet
Two birds, one stone

I’ll be learning this as I make my can tab purse.

Make something out of my can tab collection (read all 2 entries…)

I bought the materials yesterday. I’m going to start learning this week. Pictures to come!

join a writing group (read all 2 entries…)
A better use for 60 minutes. :)

A co-worker of mine just started a writing group at work. There are four of us with the goal of getting away from our desks to write on our lunch hours, once or twice a week. I’m so excited. We meet tomorrow. There is no pressure to share out work at this point. We all are in the same position where our biggest struggle comes from finding the discipline to write regularly at this stage. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes.

have better posture (read all 2 entries…)
It's become necessary.

I’ve had a terrible time sleeping lately and have been blaming it all on the heat. But now that some cool weather has come through and I’m still unable to sleep well, I am wondering if it might not be because of the near constant back pain (caused by my incessant slouching). I’ve got to get back to my yoga soon. I noticed so much improvement when I was being consistent. Hope my ankles recover soon (sprained).

organize my apartment (read all 4 entries…)
Back on this

2010 has been a pathetic year with regards to my 43 Things.

This though has to get done by the end of summer because we’ve started talking about moving. Living on the fifth floor is proving to be to hard on my knees.

Get 200 followers on Twitter
Over Halfway There

Broke 100 today which doesn’t seem like a lot but it’s a benchmark all the same.

Stay in closer contact with my best friend
More Confident

I’m much more confident these days about our friendship despite the distance and I hope she is too.

What I’ve come to realize is that even with months apart we can pick back up where we left off. It doesn’t matter that we don’t spend six hours on the phone with each other every week like you see in the movies. We have many other ways of keeping in contact, and we’ve been getting better about calling one another since Christmas. Our true friendship is going to last. And distance or no, we’ll support one another whatever comes.

Go to Jordon Con 2010
April 23-25, Atlanta GA

The best friend and I commuted to the convention, kicking off a week long trip back home to Georgia.

I really enjoyed it, and further regret missing the first one. Highlights included finally making the Weapons Form panel that I miss every year at D*C (during which my partner and I graduated up to the wooden swords), sharing the con with a local prom, A Jordan Con miracle in which we skipped an hour wait at a restaurant and landed a table, learning several English country dances, and finally Jason’s (administrator of Dragonmount) costume and skit of Rand post-box.

Bloodied and disheveled, the Dragon Reborn asks “Have you you seen Galina? I would like to speak with her very much.”

attend more networking events (read all 3 entries…)
It's been a busy month

- First there was the Karaoke with DBW, and secondly bowling with co-workers and a couple of ladies from some other houses.

- I recently attended another Publishing Point meet up at which the co-founder of Twitter came to speak with us. The advice he had for publishers was pretty basic, but not a total loss. I was pretty interested by the historical bytes of Twitter history.

- That same day I went to the latest 7×20x21 presentations organized by DBW which is always a good time.

- And next week I attend a fan convention built around my favorite books and our #1 series. Phew! Good thing vacation is the following week!

Find my center, find happiness in the smaller things in life, keep moving forward
The Problem With My Hobbies

I had an epiphany lately while meditating on why I’ve been so dissatisfied lately. I’m fortunate in that my job is also my main interest: science fiction & fantasy novels, but while I work with what I love, it can be beyond stressful. And so I have my hobbies.

I read a lot, I blog about books, and I try to write fiction, but nothing has provided that level of distraction that I need to recharge my fuel cells. And I think the reason is that all my hobbies in some way relate to work. Even the crafting I’ve been doing lately, my most productive times are at my desk or on the subway headed for the office.

So I think I’m going to try a new hobby. One that is entirely unrelated to books or publishing. Not sure what yet. It’ll probably be something totally random.

Redesign and relaunch my blog

Did this a while ago actually in the early part of January. Here is the new layout: Overall I’m much happier with the look of it, which makes the effort. It has not however had a major impact on traffic which is slowing my momentum down considerably.

organize my apartment (read all 4 entries…)
Well the boxes are gone.

We’ve been unpacked for weeks now but there are still a lot of things we need to sort and get rid of because there just isn’t room for it all.

The sad thing is that I don’t know what to do with it all. There is just no easy way to get it to a donation site, but it kills me to throw it all out.

Here’s the checklist of things remaining. Maybe it will motivate me.

-Prune paperwork
-Organize bathroom
-Get rid of old computer and PC Games
- Sort clothes
- Sort through electronic cords and get rid of the ones we don’t need
- Organize and prune kitchen stuff, utensils and pans
- Clean out desk draws and throughout all the old useless pens around here
- Sort through craft supplies and give what I can away.
- Sort though all the excess linens and through out what is old and worn

attend more networking events (read all 3 entries…)
Publisher's Point and YPG

I finally actively started working on one of my goals. I’ve been pretty lax this January, but two weeks ago I did join a couple of professional groups that meet monthly.

First is Publisher’s Point, a group that focuses on digital innovations in the publishing community.

Second is the Young Publisher’s Group, focusing on networking between young and entry level professionals.

The first meeting I’ll be headed to is March 2010 to hear the CEO of Macmillan give a talk to the Publisher’s Point folk in attendance. With all the recent going-ons between Macmillan and Amazon it should be interesting.

have better posture (read all 2 entries…)
Wii Fit Plus Yoga

No idea if this is going to help at all, but the boy and I got Wii Fit Plus for Christmas. I’ve started doing the daily Yoga routine out o curiosity and have been at it for about a week now.

Already I feel more self conscious about my center of balance when I work out in the morning and my back has stopped hurting as much when I’m on the computer. The real test will be to see if my back hurts less while I’m at work. This 9-”5” (lots of overtime lately) has been pretty killer.

Start collecting manga again and review what I buy on my blog
Christmas Purchases

So with my Christmas money, I bought Vampire Knight volumes 1-7 and I decided to pick Wild Ones back up and get 4-6.

Vampire Knight I know I’ll love as I already read a bit online to check it out and I am a fan of the anime beyond that. Wild Ones…I love in theory but in practice, it is hard to stick with it. I like the story and the romance, but the placement of the dialogue and general flow of the visual story is where I get frustrated.

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