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How to give up dairy
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2 weeks
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Actively Concerned

How to live frugally, but richly and deliciously.
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4 weeks
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How to plant a tree
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1 day
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Green with Growth

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leave notes in library books (read all 2 entries…)

I did this one .. why do I feel cheeky? Hmm perhaps the contents of my message. Today my targets were self help books and business management. I enjoyed the thrill and the wonder that it leaves me with. When stumbled upon what will it rouse?

Don't be nasty to myself when I fall short (read all 2 entries…)

For me, patience is a key to kindness and expectation is the lock on the door!! A trap I may have allowed but only for the moment! I have been working really hard on a business development project and expect more NOW and if not now, when? But this is unkind and unhelpful. I am learning the art of encouraging through patience and prioritised objectives =)

express gratitude (read all 3 entries…)
Conscious thanks

for the many luxuries I am able to revel in. When I say luxuries they may be common to most of us … but I mean all that is easy to take for granted and then some .. from water, to shelter, to electricty, to company, to a variety of foods, to knowledge, to education, to liquid assets, to health and on and on.

I think that “care” is a great way to show respect/gratitude for all that I/we have. Care being; to take good care of ones body, to keep a clean and tidy house, to service ones vehcile, to not waste, to share items you no longer use … to me, these are all expressions of gratitude. When we “neglect” it is the true form of ungratefulness, when we care and look after, its a true form of gratitude in action.

Its one thing to express gratitude by word and another to demonstrate by action.

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