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  2. 2. Fix my teeth
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  3. 3. Move out of my parents house into a place of my own
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Fix my teeth
I don't want to have my teeth fixed, I NEED to have them fixed.

My teeth are so ugly and discolored, it it ruining my life! I don’t want to smile at people, especially if someone is taking a picture. My dentist told me I have a genetic defect that caused the enamel on my teeth not to develop properly, so my teeth are not beautiful, shiny & WHITE. It really effects my daily..everything! It have gotten to the point where I feel like people don’t want to be around me or talk to me because of my teeth. If I’m not smiling, welcoming a new face, then people become standoffish. I talk to people and I see them look down, and I feel like they’re seeing my ugly teeth. I am 28 years old and have suffered with this long enough, I should be happy and smiling all the time..but instead it is self consciousness :(

sell, trash, giveaway things i dont really need but have kept because i just dont feel like letting go
Forget Spring cleaning! I want Winter, Spring, Fall & Summer cleaning!

I feel as though my life is so cluttered..not only with ‘stuff’, but people. I was feeling very anxious one night and woke up the next morning questioning everything and everyone around me. That day, I decided I need to only have positive people in my life, and be around people that I truly care about and who want me around. Self analysis is the best thing..and it has affected my entire life. I am getting rid of things that I thought I needed or felt attached to..and analyzing friendships that really don’t have strong connections anymore. It feels great to give things away that I no longer need or want..and making new friends with people with common interests seems to be healthier than trying to hold on to friendships that have no strong bonds. I had a yard sale to sell some things.. donated clothing & brought some items to consignment shops. It not only feels good to ‘detox’ my own life, it feels great giving things away, making others happy..and meeting new people who share common interests 


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