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  1. 1. visit every national park
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  2. 2. go to Everest Base Camp
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  3. 3. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro
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  4. 4. see the aurora borealis
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  5. 5. drink more water
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visit every national park

I think it would be a good pace to try to add one a year on average (you can sometimes put a few together in the same trip if they’re close enough together).

This year I added Glacier to my list – #36 out of 58 (well, until Congress adds more!) American Samoa may be the last one I get around to visiting, but I still want to go!

complete a triathlon
Today was the day!

Wheee! I completed my first tri today! It was on the chilly side since it didn’t stop raining until I neared the finish line, naturally. Though I think I’m going to stick to plain ole 5K’s for awhile, at least until it’s warmer! :)

own a cat again
Just adopted!

We brought home a beautiful grey short-haired kitty from the local humane society today! She’s 1 year old and is still getting used to her new digs.


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