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  1. 1. I want to be thin
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  2. 2. Get a new tattoo
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  3. 3. lose weight
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  4. 4. pro ana
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lose weight (read all 4 entries…)
been having a hard time

well i lost 53 lbs and im having a really hard time trying to lose just 10-15 more lbs but its like my body is rejecting the idea of me losing anymore weight…what should i do other then continue eating well and working out?

become anorexic (read all 111 entries…)
been a while-great news

ok so i thought i been messing up horribly late since i’ve had my period so i been binging and i didnt work out much….but to my surpise i found that i didnt gain any weight!

prom came…and it was actually fun; i actually felt pretty in my dress—and the fact it fit me big even after i got it tailored was a fabulous feeling!!!

so now that im preparing for graduation and my grad party i had to go shopping-> well to my remarkable surpise i found this adorbale lepoard print dress-but the biggest size was a 6, and i thought it wouldnt fit; but it DID!!!! i felt like crying bc i was so unbelievably happy! i started off wearing a size 14 and now im down to a 6! yessssssss!

this calls for a celebration—> like pampering myself with a pedicure n manicure!

hope u ladies r well<33

become anorexic (read all 111 entries…)

BF: coffee w/ skim milk & splenda—> about 80-90 cals

L: apple 60 neg cals

Snack: diet coke

D: carrot & celery sticks!!! 100 neg cals!!

grand total of my day: roughly around 250!!! yessss!

hope u all are doing fab!<33

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