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  1. 1. Put more living in my life
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  2. 2. organize my digital photos
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  3. 3. Make soap again
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  4. 4. make pottery
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  5. 5. learn basic photography
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  6. 6. get a new digital camera
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  7. 7. be healthier
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  8. 8. paint every room in my house
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  9. 9. be happier
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  10. 10. travel more
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Make soap again

I guess I better buy some new soapmolds. I threw all my old ones out when we moved.

be healthier
Making choices

no i can’t get rid of crohn’s disease or any of the arsenal of drugs it carries with it…that’s just one of those thigns i can live around.
what i can control is the food that goes into my body, the exercise i (don’t) get, my stress management (or lack thereof)...it’s time to start making better choices for myself.

laziness just isn’t an excuse, anymore. not physical nor mental laziness is going to hold me back from feeling good inside my stretched out skin.

Paint Every Room in My House
Seeking Colors!

This offwhite boring crap has to go! I painted the upstairs hall bath a nice bright-light blue, and it looks so cheery. Time to tackle the rest of this dump.

Now to decide which room gets it next…
Powder room: burnt orange?
Kitchen: Tomato Red?
Laundry room: get rid of the Pee-stain Yellow and turn it Lime Green?

It is color I seek, and color I shall find!!

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