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become a werewolf (read all 3 entries…)

So I’ve been working on all the wolf stuff when I had time this week and I got some progress. A few days ago I meditated to connect more and communicate with my spirit animal, the wolf. So from what I read online before meditating, sometimes your animal will come to you and communicate or it might take a couple of tries. It also said that they would be able to actually speak to you. So I started meditating and I saw myself in this forest, I didn’t know where I was but I was just walking around. Then I saw my wolf and it looked at me and walked away so I followed it and we ended up on top of this grassy cliff and you could see the green and the trees for so far in the distance. It was beautiful. Then i looked back at my wolf and I asked “Are you my spirit animal?” and she nodded. I also asked if I would ever be able to shift into a wolf and she nodded again. So I said “where are we?” and then she communicated with me I guess telepathically or something because her mouth didn’t move. But she said “We are in your happy place, this is where you feel like you belong.” And I forget what happened in between then but i remember her saying “I am you, you are me, we are one” and then I snapped out of my meditation. But I tried this again the next day and we were in the same place and we didn’t say anything but I reached out to touch her and then there was this light and it was like our bodies came together and then it was just me and then I snapped out of it again. So I’m assuming I really connected with her because we are like the same person only I’m in human form and she’s in wolf form but I think we are together now because of that meditation. Also please don’t look at me like I’m crazy because this actually happened in my meditation and I’m 100% sure it wasn’t my imagination. This pic is of what my wolf looks like btw.

become a werewolf (read all 3 entries…)
New Abilities!

Okay so I’ve always had “unusual” abilities with things. I’ve always been able to see visions of either my past, things that will happen in the near future, and even in the long term future (although the long term future is constantly changing). And I can control certain things, fire being one of them. I can make it either be more hot or cool or I make it jump or move and stuff of that sort. I cannot “create fire” meaning I can’t just spontaneously create a flame, that is really advanced stuff. Also things around me can change depending on my mood. It’s kind of hard to explain. But basically I was born with these abilities so I don’t really know how I got them other then that. But point of this entry is I found another one and it relates to this goal a lot. So my eye color changes sometimes, I think everyone’s does sometimes, but I found out that I can change my eye color in seconds. I showed someone already and they didn’t believe me when I said I could do it when I told them. So I can change my eye color from a dark green to mostly yellow in seconds. It’s pretty awesome. I’ll try and get a pic of my normal eye and then after I change it and put them next to eachother and post it XD Maybe I can get it on video so you guys know it’s not photoshopped…anyway we should make a room on tinychat so we can all talk on video and get to know eachother! Just a thought lol! I might post later but this is all for now.

become a werewolf (read all 3 entries…)
Hey :)

Hey I’m Michaela, I’m 15, and I’m trying to shift into a wolf. I’m not new to this website but I haven’t been on in a while. I’ve just recently started considering myself a therian and I’ve also gotten some progress on my shifting. I wish you all good luck! And if you wanna talk to me just comment or send me a message :)

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