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lose weight to 55kilos (read all 2 entries…)

Until now, my weight is 60kg. 5 more kilos to lose. I have less time work out due to my college assignments.. :(

list three things every day that made me happy (read all 7 entries…)
16/8/11 Tuesday

1)I just completed two of my goal for this month.. I am so glad..

2) Tomorrow is holiday. I loves holiday. I can do lots of thing tomorrow such as baking.

3) I have cleaned up my kitchen and toilet. I love to be in a good kitchen and shower in the clean toilet.

list three things every day that made me happy (read all 7 entries…)
6/8/11 Saturday

1. I visited dad of my friend who had cancer. It reminded me to my late father. I am happy to see her and her dad in good condition.. I am also happy because I have not been seeing her for years. By visiting her, I could also meet her..

2. I drove my family to do some shopping in the supermarket and complete few task at my rental house.. I realize that my mum would be happy if her daughter drove her to any place she wanted.. That is one of the way to appreciate her.

3. I broke up my fast with good meals eg sushi, doughnuts and some other good food. Good meals will make me happy..=)

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