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goal is to lose a further 5kg

I'm doing 12 things

FireintheBreeze's Life List

  1. 1. lose weight
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  2. 2. get thin
    583 people
  3. 3. reach my goal weight
    530 people
  4. 4. stop eating when i'm not hungry
    1 cheer
    190 people
  5. 5. drink more water
    20,173 people
  6. 6. eat healthy
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    3,765 people
  7. 7. Healthy eating, no slip-ups. THIS WEEK
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  8. 8. be successful
    2,635 people
  9. 9. be beautiful
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  10. 10. speak french
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    570 people
  11. 11. travel the world
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  12. 12. live in a foreign country
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How to stop eating chocolate
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lose weight (read all 14 entries…)
Inspired [new plan]

Okay I haven’t been here in a while, but I’m truly determined to get my habits in control again. I want to take a wholistic and open attitude towards weight loss this time. Even though my weight is in a “healthy weight range” I want to lose some weight because I’m not comfortable at this weight, my clothes are tighter and my body does feel like its functioning well. I currently weigh 123.4lbs and my goal weight is to get to 110lbs. My ultimate goal weight is 99lbs but I’m not sure how realistic/healthy that is. My body has been through HUGE changes this year (the beginning of this year I was clinically underweight, then I gained 22lbs to be a normal weight). Lately I’ve been eating a lot of crappy junk food and it’s just making me feel physically and emotionally terrible. My stomach does not support sweets, creamy or rich food but I continue to stuff them down anyway. In the past week alone I’ve gained 6lbs! I’ve been doing a lot of research about weight loss over the last year, and particularly this week I’ve read a bit about raw food diets, fasting (not the eating-disorder kind), mono food meals and simplistic vegan ingredients. I don’t care if anyone reads my “blogs” but I’m going to daily start blogging my progress. I’m giving myself 7 days to get back to 116lbs (53kg) which is what I was last week. Then, I want to continue eating healthily (ie. small portions, focusing on veg and ocassional protein) along with exercise to get down to 50kg. I will give myself until August 11 (one month) to be 110lbs again! 13lbs to loose :)

My 7 day Plan:
1. Tomorrow begin a “mono fruit day.”
This gives my digestive system a break and makes things simplistic again. Also when your eating just one thing all day your body is very much in tune with how much you need. Stuffing yourself with 1 fruit (eg. apple) isn’t exciting and your body is going to very easily reject it/register when you’ve had enough compared to if you stuffing yourself with a platter of assorted food/sweets etc.
2. Sunday I will do a “mono veg day.”
As vegetables are even lower in calorie this will further weight loss results.
3. Raw food diet commences on Monday
This will reintroduce variety for my body. I will have fruit for breakfast perhaps along with a cup of herbal tea, and then for lunch I will have a mix of raw veg (carrot, tomato, lettuce) and finally for dinner I may have steamed vegetables or a piece of fruit depending on my sugar cravings.
4. On Tuesday I will continue with the raw food diet
5. Wednesday = raw food again OR juice fast (fresh made fruit juice morning, water for mid day and bought prune juice at night)
6. Thursday = 1/2 juice fast, 1/2 water fast
Breakfast will be a fruit juice (made on milk) and then the rest of the day will be water
7. Friday = All day water fast
8. Saturday [1 week benchmark and weigh in] Reassess plan and diet needs.

I need to keep in mind several important things:-
1. Brush teeth after each meal
2. Take portion and then LEAVE room/move ALL OTHER FOOD from sight
(I have a habit of bingeing)
3. Exercise
4. Be happy and enjoy the experience of listening to your body and retuning it.

Questions to you guys:

lose weight (read all 14 entries…)
going well

i ate really well yesterday and so far today i had a nice fruit salad for breaky/lunch. exercised yesterday and im going to do again today but higher intensity. and yay for me – i resisted temptation! each time i crave/want something i write it down and wait and then it goes away and i resist temptation. then i look back and feel really proud and see how many calories i missed out on eating! it was my sisters bday last night and there was this huge chocolate cake, but i didnt have any. its sitting in our fridge tempting me – but i ain’t caving :)

okay…i caved hahah! but i only had a teeny bit, and that’s okay :)
back to healthy eating tomorrow

lose weight (read all 14 entries…)
back again

haven’t posted in a while. yesterday was great, but today was bad. im about to go exercise to make up for my mistake. i’ve been doing some more incidental exercise as well which should help. but today i ruined all my efforts by overeating at dinner (too much rice, noodles, fish) veggies are fine to eat a lot of but still..

feeling pretty down but hopefully tomorrow i can be more CONSISTENT. also, someone mentioned they had kale salad recipe’s???? i’d totally appreciate that! is my email.

went to the doctors and im weighing 121lbs on their scale too. i really would love to be 115lbs. just have to stop binge eating and be more willing to exercise. you see, i was really avid about this and got down to a ‘low weight’ but now ive got NO motivation to exercise or eat healthily. its like ive been zapped. how can i get back in the zone? i try everything:- goal lists, motivation pictures, pep-talks, journals. but nothing is working. ive given it time too but im sick of seeing the number on the scale creep up. anyhow, next few days i plan to eat extra light for my body and then just get into a moderate pattern.

wish me luck guys!!
good luck to you all.

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