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learn to read and write Urdu
I want to learn urdu...

I am trying to learn urdu myself.
It all started when I took a saturday job teaching IT to kids when I was a student- its like an after schools club with help for homework. They have mother toungue classes and I was totally jealous! My folks made me speak english at home to get me ahead in school- which worked but at what a price! I am fluent in Punjabi, my Urdu is OK- ish.
I also want to learn to write it properly. I just attended a course at the British Museum on arabic calligrapy- by a super cool iranian artist. If you follow his methods it takes ten secs to fashion one letter.
Seriously though, most second generation immigrants like me don’t write in their mother toungue. This makes things difficult for your kids to learn cause we live in a literate society.
Plus my folks left pakistan pre- partition. Most people back then spoke their local dialect/ language eg; sindh, punjabi…
Urdu is a kind of middle class language. Like speaking latin in 16th century England. At the same time in unify’s us. I am going to Pakistan for the first time in december with my Mami who I adore. She is going to help me my Urdu while i am teaching her IT stuff for beginners. Good bargin isn’t it?


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