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Stop talking to myself (yes…I do that)
It gets lonely sometimes

There’s really nothing wrong with talking to yourself, as long as you don’t spend ALL your time talking to yourself. I find it way easier to work something out if I’m able to say it out loud to myself- whether it be an argument I’ve had with someone, or if I’m just trying to remember something. And sometimes (just sometimes) a really good conversation can come out of having a quiet chitchat with no one else around you ;)

Eat more fruits and vegetables
mmm broccoli

I’m trying to find a balance, and I do eat veggies sometimes, but right now I mostly just eat fruit.

get married, stay married, and live happily ever after
Almost there :)

December 25th 2007, My Johnny got down on one knee and proposed to me. As of February 4th, we have been together for a year, and will be getting married in June (yay :D).

A bit of advice from someone who’s almost got her happily ever after: When you get engaged, you need to seriously consider pre-marriage counseling. Talk it over with your significant other, do research on it, whatever. It will help a lot in the long run, and possibly save a lot of grief in the future. (Oh and generally, it’s nothing like how Robin Williams portrays it ;) so don’t be scared! )

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